Parsippany did not renew Kemper Sports contract

The golfers enjoying a nice day of golf at Knoll Country Club

PARSIPPANY — At the Parsippany-Troy Hills Township Council Meeting, Mayor Michael Soriano announced that the Township of Parsippany-Troy Hills will not be renewing the contract of Kemper Sports.

Previously Kemper Sports was the management company operating the Knoll Country Club.

Mayor Soriano said “Immediately we are starting a transition with Kemper Sports and we will assume local responsibility for the management of our courses. With that, we have offered Mr. Kevin Brancato.”

Mr. Brancato, is a member of the Knoll Country Club. He’s a member of the Knoll Country Club Advisory Committee and a successful businessman. We are giving him the opportunity to manage the transition and lead the Knoll utility as we move forward.

“Kevin, I welcome you and I look forward to working with you and the great things that you can do up there at the Knoll. I’m pleased at this decision was unanimously agreed upon by myself and the Township Council and the working group continues to plan for the future of the Knoll Country Club. This will include management, finances, facilities and the overall mission as to how we serve our members and guests,” said Soriano.

When questioning, Kemper Sports General Manager Osner Charles he said “I wasn’t aware of this change, and I will investigate.”