Halloween at the High was a smash


PARSIPPANY — The Hallways were packed with “Trick or Treaters” during Parsippany High School’s “Halloween at the High” on Monday, October 28.

The Shaughnessy Family: Owen,3; Shannon 2; John 5 and Lillian, 2.

This annual event was sponsored by Kiwanis Key Club, Red Cross Club and National Art Honor Society.

Students were dressed for Halloween and supervised the games, face painting, or just handed out candy to the children.

Key Club is the oldest and largest service program for high school students. It is a student-led organization that teaches leadership through service to others. Members of the Kiwanis International family, Key Club members build themselves as they build their schools and communities.

The PHS Key Club hosts Halloween at the High for local children, reads to Parsippany elementary school students in the SKIP program, assists at a local daycare center, and much more. This year the PHS Key Club is fundraising to support the Community FoodBank of New Jersey. Key Club meets on every other Tuesday in Cafe 2.

Key Club Advisors are Chelsey Grosso and Lindsay Hulin.

This year the officers of Key Club are President: Nick Lim; Vice President: Neil Khare Historian: Olivia Johnson; Secretaries: Sanjana Sure and Anjali Shah and Webmaster: Sahaj Patel.

The Parsippany High School Key Club is sponsored by Kiwanis Club of Greater Parsippany.

The hallways were packed with children of all ages enjoying the games, and collecting candy from the students who decorated their classrooms and hallways.
Zombie Apocalypse was the major attraction at Halloween at the High
The Shaughnessy Family: Owen,3; Shannon 2; John 5 and Lillian, 2.
Ildiko, Robert and Little Robert Peluso
Fraidoon Pourooshasb and Derek Kaiser
Aarav Patel and Rebecca Lam
Jullian Goveas, Prathi Patel and Arshi Patel
Thanvi Nimmala, Nimeesha Hua and Sara Majid
Maurice Tobias, Angelina Chen, Hannah Vutuan and Isha Swarny
Members of Scare Theatre. This was the PG-13 version of the Haunted House
Shaf Bhat, Assistant General Manager and Joanne Verog, Buffalo Wild Wings

The Red Cross club welcomes any students looking for volunteer or community service opportunities. The club is a branch of a nationwide Red Cross association, fundraising for various causes throughout the year. The club also spreads awareness of health issues that can affect the student population. Class advisor is Diana Wong. Club officers consist of President: Anjali Ramesh; Vice President: Juliana Smith; Secretary: Neriah Nugara; Treasurer: Shiv Patel; Co-publicists: Eileen Zhang and Shreya Desai and Redhawk Representative: Mira Chothani.

National Art Honor Society prides themselves on being a part of the National Art Honors Society. The club goal is to come together and decipher ways in which we can represent art through out PHS. Every club member must submit pieces of their art to be reviewed in order to be accepted in the club. They will be taking part in various activities such as halloween at the high, and art appreciation week. Their main project goal is to create a mural in an approved area of the school. Class advisor is Laura Rizzo.