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Council Vice President Michael dePierro Speaks Out Regarding Musella Proposed Budget Cuts

PARSIPPANY — Longtime Parsippany-Troy Hills Council Vice President, Michael dePierro, submitted a statement regarding Councilman Justin Musella’s proposal to reduce certain items from the 2023 Municipal Budget.

“In his desire to cut $2 million from the Township Budget, Councilman Musella
seemed to be more interested in negotiating with the public rather than with
the administration. While other Council members were successfully reducing
the Mayors proposed budget from over 5% to 3.76% (overall Tax Rate of 2.57%)
by working with our Auditor Valerie Dolan; our CFO Leonard Ho; our Business
Administrator Jamie Cryan and, Mayor Barberio, Councilman Musella was using
public meetings as a show-and-tell.

Councilman Musella showed little understanding or concern for the devastating
results of his proposed cuts, even though they were explained many times.
Some of his proposed cuts would have affected the Township’s Bond Rating
resulting in higher interest rates on all future Capital Expenditures.
His proposal to cut the Township Bus would have left many Senior Citizens

His proposal to cut all vacancies would have left all Departments seriously and
permanently short-handed. Most of those vacancies resulted from the
prior Mayor’s four-year hiring freeze. Councilman Musella’s claim that those
positions were unnecessary is wrong.

His concern about the employee’s 2% salary increase ignored the fact that current
cost of living is far higher than that.

Our responsibility as Mayor and Council is to find a balance between Quality of
life, Services, Safety, and Taxes. To only concentrate on taxes is short-sighted
and irresponsible.

Focus contributor
Focus contributor
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