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Little League East Opening Day: Play Ball

Debbie and Dan DeLio stands proudly in front of the sign on the field named in their honor. The field was dedicated on April 17, 2004.

PARSIPPANY — The Par-Troy East Little League celebrated its 60th year at the Saturday morning opening day celebration in Di Leo Field in the Par-Troy East Little League Complex.

The ceremony opened with Parsippany High School Senior Joe Trimetidi signing the National Anthem.

Chris Mazzarella, President Par-Troy Little League East.

“Before we begin I’d like to say thank you to a few people that helped us get here today. The weather rarely cooperates but somehow it comes together in the end for a good day. Without the following people this would never have happened today so thank you Dom Colasuanno, Kevin Hansberry, Paul Furfaro, Todd Finchler, Vin Gallo, John Corforte, Mike Wiznewski, Dave Deckert, John and Tiffany Hiltz, Tracy Gordon, Eric Hubner, Charlene Martin, Pete Bonfanti, Evan MacPhee and Brian Cooper, said Chris Mazzarella, President Par-Troy Little League East.

Mazzarella continued “There’s one more person I’d like to Acknowledge. For the last two or so years, there’s been a lot going on in our world and it’s been less than normal. This person has been the backbone of so many amazing things that Our Town has done in the face of Covid and not once looked for any type of recognition. He’s put in countless hours to help Support Our Town & League and continues to give of himself. I’d like to thank Rich Leitner for being a true friend and a Huge help to make today happen.”

Councilman (And PTW President) Frank Neglia, Councilman Paul Carifi Jr., Council President Mike dePierro, Mayor Jamie Barberio, and Councilman Justin Musella.

Special guests included Mayor Jamie Barberio, Council President Mike dePierro, Councilman Paul Carifi Jr., Councilman (and PTW President) Frank Neglia, and Councilman Justin Musella.

Susan and Joseph Plescia

As many may or not know in 2012 the twelve-year-old Par-Troy East Baseball team was the District, Section, State, and Mid Atlantic Champion and represented PTE at the Little League World Series in Williamsport PA. It’s one of the most difficult things to accomplish especially as a group of twelve-year-old kids dealing with that pressure. I remember first moving into our house and standing on the lawn with my son watching the parade roll by on Vail Rd and saying “Dylan this is something amazing to watch and that’s going to be the Little League you are going to play for.” I had no idea I’d one day be the President and be able to talk about that accomplishment. While we are planning a day later in the season to try and have ALL of the players back here this season and celebrate together we will recognize that team every time our players suit up and take the field. You will notice all of the uniforms being worn by our teams have a decal celebrating the 10-year anniversary of that amazing season and all of our players will where that decal with pride.

Mayor James Barberio addressing the audience

A lot of Blood Sweat and Tears went into that team not just for one season but for many seasons leading up to that season. It also wasn’t just the players that sacrificed time and effort for that success but it was the Parents, Families, Friends, PTE Board members, and of Course the Coaches that gave all they had to make that special season happen. Many of them took days off of work, Drove hours to make sure they had fans at the games supporting the team. Raised Money and scheduled bus trips back and forth so the team knew they weren’t alone and no matter how they did they were heroes. Many tried before and many have tried since but there has only been one.

A special thanks went to coach Ramon Mati (who could not be here today), Coach Ed Philips, and the Manager of the 2012 PTE Little League World Series Team Mike Ruggerio for an accomplishment this league will forever remember.

Parsippany High School

Mozzarella also said “I would like to thank the town leadership, Recreation Dept, Parks and Forestry, and Parsippany-Troy Hils Board of Education for the use of their fields and for all of the support they give our league and our kids to help keep the Complex a safe place to spend time at. Thank you to all of our sponsors without them it would be nearly impossible to maintain and improve the complex. Most of them are local but a few are from out of town. We have so many sponsors who have sponsored for many years that it would take hours to speak about them all. So as you walk around the complex and watch the games please have a look at the banners and team shirts and if possible frequent these establishments and thank them for their support of PTE.”

We’d like to thank the family of Joe Orlando (whom our Softball field is named after) They saw a Facebook message that we were looking for donations to help us purchase a new scoreboard and reached out to us to let us know they would like to purchase the board for us. Families like that keep PTE in their hearts and minds making our complex and town a great place to be!

A big Thank you, to the 2021 9/10 Softball & Baseball All-Star teams for organizing today. I’d like to thank Tracy Gordon, Diana Mazzarella, Charlene Martin, and Teresa Regan for taking the lead on the day and pulling it all together to make it successful as well as all of the parents and families that donated time and gifts for this day

Thank you also to the Kids of PTE because this would be nothing without you! Watching you on our fields laughing, smiling, and having fun is what it is all about.

“And the biggest thank you of all.  To my wife Diana and My kids Dylan and Ava.  Thank you for understanding the meetings and the time away from home while we are preparing and running the season. Most of all thank you for supporting me in every adventure or endeavor I decide to undertake and some that I decide not to!! I love you guys.”

The ceremony concluded with the recital of the “Little League Pledge”
DiLeo field
Parsippany Elks 2102 (Team 01)
Assistant Coach Ernesto Guiroga
Assistant Coach Vito Piergiovanni
Manager Justin Bonura
Parsippany Rotary Club (Team 02)

Parsippany Rotary Club (Team 02)
Assistant Coach Rene Rodriguez
Manager Corey Jeffers
Pinnacle Athletic Development (Team 08)
Assistant Coach Thomas  DelMauro
Manager Gregg  Hunziker
Manager Rich  Skibitski
Baldwin Pizza (Team 05)

Baldwin Pizza (Team 05)
Assistant Coach Ernesto quiroga
Assistant Coach Daniel Scovill
Assistant Coach Scott Smith
Manager Rachel Scovill
Aemisegeo & Sons Landscaping (Team 06)
Assistant Coach Jennifer Nieglos
Assistant Coach Steven Nieglos Sr.
Manager Steve Nieglos
Chick-Fil-A (Team 07)

Chick-Fil-A (Team 07)
Assistant Coach Justin Kang
Assistant Coach Michael Lavelle
Assistant Coach Olivia Johnson
Manager Norby Krenik
Caring Dentistry for Children (Team 04)
Assistant Coach David Barquin
Manager Daniel Salvante
Kiwanis Club of Greater Parsippany (Team 03)

Kiwanis Club of Greater Parsippany (Team 03)
Assistant Coach Michael Crum
Manager Randy Orlando
Rookies Softball
PBA Local 131 (Team 01)

PBA Local 131 (Team 01)
Assistant Coach Kelly Alfano
Manager Brian Cooper
Anthony Francos (Team 03)
Assistant Coach Michael Oram
Manager Steven Greene
Cutting Edge Landscaping (Team 02)
Assistant Coach Jeff Turner
Assistant Coach Shujun Chen
Manager Jon Thorn
Secure Now (Team 04)
Assistant Coach Dominic Darpino
Assistant Coach Kevin Regan
Assistant Coach Michael Lavelle
Manager Allyson Kubs
Rookies Baseball
dePierro’s Defenders (Team 02)

dePierro’s Defenders (Team 02)
Assistant Coach David Hendershot
Assistant Coach Robert Benham
Manager Evan MacPhee
SJ Priola Funeral Home (Team 06)

SJ Priola Funeral Home (Team 06)
Assistant Coach Justin Bonura
Assistant Coach Said Shamsudin
Manager Gina Scala
Neglia’s Nitros (Team 03)

Neglia Nitros
Assistant Coach Aalap Patel
Assistant Coach Fedele Stella
Manager Michael Oram
Barberio’s Bombers (Team 05)

Barberio’s Bombers (Team 05)
Assistant Coach Keith McCormick
Assistant Coach Steve Nieglos
Manager Klayton Scott
Berkshire Hathaway (Team 01)
Assistant Coach Jeff Turner
Assistant Coach Karaline Dibernard
Assistant Coach Vimal Naik
Manager Michael DiBernard
Musella’s Marauders (Team 04)

Musella’s Marauders (Team 04)
Assistant Coach Daniel Scovill
Assistant Coach Navdeep Singh
Manager Rachel Scovill
Minors Softball
Century 21 Realty (PTE Minors 2)
Assistant Coach Daryl Johnson
Assistant Coach Brian Cooper
Assistant Coach Shari Gross
Assistant Coach Michelle Scott
Manager Charlene Martin
Coldwell Banker (PTE Minors 1)
Assistant Coach Peter Bonfanti
Assistant Coach Robert Benham
Assistant Coach Rich  Leitner
Manager Tracy Gordon
Minors Baseball
P&W Automotive Machining
Assistant Coach Gremier Alemany
Assistant Coach John Paul
Manager Christopher Richardson
Parsippany Blue Collar Workers (Team 1)
Assistant Coach Justin Bonura
Manager Ryan Johnson
The UPS Store (Team 2)
Assistant Coach Peter Strumolo
Assistant Coach Thomas Allecca Jr
Manager Danielle McLaughlin
Majors Softball
Baldwin Pizza (PTE Majors 1)
Assistant Coach Isaac Ahn
Assistant Coach Peter Strumolo
Assistant Coach Richard Paluzzi
Assistant Coach Yaro Zajac
Assistant Coach Andrew Blair
Manager William Coughlin
Majors Baseball
Black Diamond Garage
Assistant Coach Mike Martin
Assistant Coach Glenn Hickok
Manager John Corforte
Manager Kevin Regan
Care One Parsippany ALF (PTE 2)
Assistant Coach David Leon
Assistant Coach Nikesh Shah

Assistant Coach Nikesh Shah with his son Devon
Manager David Kaye
Manager Vincent Gallo
Juniors Softball
PTE Juniors Softball
Assistant Coach Nicole Freire
Manager Matthew Sibilia
Dolce Driving School (Team 01)
Assistant Coach Joe Battista
Assistant Coach Kevin Regan
Manager Michael Dolce



Frank L. Cahill
Frank L. Cahill
Publisher of Parsippany Focus since 1989 and Morris Focus since 2019, both covering a wide range of events. Mr. Cahill serves as the Executive Board Member of the Parsippany Area Chamber of Commerce, President of Kiwanis Club of Tri-Town and Chairman of Parsippany-Troy Hills Economic Development Advisory Board.
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