Summit of Association Presidents (SOAP)

Carlos Guzman- Sedgefield Civic Association (VP), Brad Meumann- Glacier Hills Association (President), Warren Singer-Hills of Troy (President) , Jyoti Bhatia-Sedgefield Civic Association (President) , Brant Brisson- Brooklawn Civic Association (President) , and Phil Eden-Puddingstone Association (Board Member for John Ihne (President)

PARSIPPANY — Neighborhood Civic Associations leaders in Parsippany met on Thursday, December 5.

“SOAP” presently consists of five Parsippany neighborhood civic associations (Hills of Troy, Sedgefield, Glacier Hills, Puddingstone Heights, Brooklawn) that are represented by their current presidents.

These leaders have been meeting for the purpose of sharing ideas, learning from one another, and proposing ways to facilitate inter community events, such as softball games. “SOAP” is a nonpartisan group that, when appropriate, will serve as a conduit to the township authority.

Meetings are scheduled for once every three months. We welcome and encourage any other Parsippany neighborhood associations to join the group. If you are thinking about forming a civic association in your Parsippany community, “SOAP” members will gladly assist in an advisory capacity.

For further information, please contact Warren Singer, Hills of Troy Neighborhood Association (HOTNA),; or Carlos Guzman, Sedgefield Civic Association,