PHS AP Physics Students Build A Trebuchet


PARSIPPANY — Ms. Chowtavi’s AP Physics student entered the Picatinny Arsenal Pumpkin Slinging Contest in October, competing against seven other schools from Morris and Sussex Counties. Applying skills and concepts they studied in Physics class and adhering to stringent competition rules and regulations, multiple students volunteered to help design, construct and operate a 10 foot trebuchet which they used to sling pumpkins for maximum distance.

Students demonstrated excellent creativity, ingenuity, perseverance and collaborative skills as they continuously tweaked their design throughout the trial-and-error process which culminated in the competition at the Picatinny Arsenal Base.

Special thanks to Mr. Lazzari for helping with the construction, our Maintenance Dept. for transporting the trebuchet, the two engineers from Picatinny Arsenal for coaching our students, and Love Like Ashley and the Cistaro Family for purchasing the supplies.

It was very rewarding and a valuable hands-on learning experience for our students! Huge congrats to Ms. Chowtavi and our students Bethany Brodock, Connor Devens, Jillian Goveas, Aneesh Kakirde, Neil Khare, Abinav Nayini, Pamela Paguntalan, Jay Patel, Sahaj Patel, Anjali Shah, Sri Hari Shankar, Tobey Tan, Dylan Tran, Nate Walker, Tyler Wyka,
and Lawrence Yu.