John Cesaro and Aura Dunn form Freeholder Ticket

“The Smart, Conservative Choice for Morris County”

Freeholder John Cesaro and Freeholder Candidate Aura Dunn

MORRIS COUNTY —Morris County Freeholder Incumbent John Cesaro and Mendham Borough resident, Aura Dunn will run together for the Republican Primary on Tuesday, June 5.

Freeholder John Cesaro

Both candidates hold advanced degrees and have a combined 40 years in public service.  Cesaro, with a law degree from Quinnipiac University and Dunn, a Master of Public Administration from the George Washington University with a NJ certificate in Mediation, complement each other and present a strong team for the citizens of Morris County.  Morris County is changing and Cesaro-Dunn are the candidates to lead that change by upholding the ideals of fiscal responsibility, equal opportunity, and individual freedom.

Freeholder Candidate Aura Dunn

Cesaro-Dunn will advance a 3-Point Plan: Promote Economic Growth, Improve our Quality of Life, and Uphold Sound Fiscal Management.

As Freeholder Liaison to the Department of Public Works, Cesaro is responsible for ensuring that the County continues its policy of paving 25-30 miles of road per year.  Further, that the County maintains its strong infrastructure.  “Last year, the County paved 27.4 miles of road, performed work on 8 bridges and made improvements to intersections and railroads” states Cesaro.  “Further, I am proud that year after year the rating agencies continue to maintain our AAA bond rating.  These same agencies continue to praise Morris County as having a ‘history of conservative budgeting and balanced financial operations’, which, in the end, benefits our County residents,” states Cesaro.

With 23 years on the national policy stage, Dunn, currently NJ-11’s District Director is ready to bring her vast experience and knowledge to the Freeholder Board. Dunn offers the fresh perspective the Board needs. As U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee Staff Member, Dunn oversaw the implementation of a $40 billion dollar education appropriation, and as staff member to Arlen Specter, earned a reputation as an honest, fair, and responsive negotiator. “My experience in effectively negotiating multi-billion dollar appropriations and consistently resolving constituent requests has given me the necessary tools to serve the diverse needs of our Morris County residents,” says Dunn.

Both candidates are active members of their communities.  John, a Parishioner of St. Christopher’s, is raising his two small boys with his wife of 13 years.  Aura and her husband of 21 years have two teenage daughters and an 11 year old son, and are active members of St. Joseph Parish.