Girl Scout Troop 96229 focuses on Media

Girl Scout Troop 96229 learns about media from Parsippany Focus

The Girl Scouts will earn three badges during the media journey

PARSIPPANY— On Monday, April 16 Cadette Girl Scout Troop 96229 gathered to learn about media at the Lake Hiawatha Library from Parsippany Focus Publisher Frank Cahill. Recently the troop completed their media journey ending it with meeting the press from Parsippany Focus. The three badges the girls earned were Influence, Monitor and Cultivate.

The troop was inspired by the history of the 29 year newspaper Parsippany Focus and learned the important components of every article- who, what, where, when, why and how. The girls took the opportunity to ask questions from seasoned professional Mr. Cahill. Before beginning the article the troop posed to have their photo taken and learned how to sort and upload the photo to the server. After uploading the photo troop 96229 wrote this article for publication.

The group also learned about the history of the Parsippany Focus tree logo, advertising, plagiarism, a day in the life of a reporter, and the variety of topics the press covers.