United Nations Day at Northvail Elementary School


PARSIPPANY — Northvail Elementary School recently celebrated United Nations Day. The seven countries represented were China, India divided into Northern and Southern India, Ireland, Egypt, Zimbabwe and Greece. Parents, families and friends hosted exhibits that provided students with information about the history, customs, clothing, entertainment and traditions of their respective countries. The event lasted the entire school day giving each class a designated period of time to circulate throughout the auditorium from country to country. 

The purpose of the event was to cultivate global citizenship in the students. They were encouraged to ask questions and to celebrate cultural differences. It was amazing how engaged, curious and receptive they were to learning about various cultural nuances.

At Northvail, they believe that it is important for the students to learn at a young age about accepting those that are different from them. There is also an underlying message of tolerance and to be respectful of things that are unfamiliar. 

Special thanks to the Northvail parents and friends for volunteering their time and providing us with an opportunity to celebrate all the richness and benefits in being a diverse community.