Troy Hills School K-Kids collected 850 cans of soup during “Souper” Bowl

PARSIPPANY — Troy Hills Elementary School finished our “Souper” Bowl Soup Drive with an amazing finish. They collected 850 cans of soup to donate to the Parsippany Food Pantry.

The event was coordinated by Kiwanis K-Kid’s fundraiser.  Every student participated in the donation of the cans of soup. The K-Kids made posters and flyers, and they went to all classes to spread the word and collected the cans of soup.

As you can see from the pictures, the students kept track of how many cans each grade brought in.

This was the rundown of how many each class brought in (plus an additional 43 cans that weren’t soup). As you can see, Kindergarten was the big winner:

Kindergarten 187 Cans
Third Grade 176 Cans
First Grade 141 Cans
Fourth Grade 134 Cans
Second Grade 98 Cans
Fifth Grade  71 Cans
As you can see on the football field, Kindergarten had the highest donations

Troy Hills Elementary K-Kids is sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Greater Parsippany.