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Marc Demetriou Talks About the Amazing Courage and Wisdom He Learned from His Grandfather

PARSIPPANY — Montville resident Marc Demetriou held a book launch on Wednesday, January 31, at The Knoll Country Club West. He presented his new book “Lessons From My Grandfather; Wisdom for Success in Business and Life” which offers an inspirational and actionable roadmap for building both business and personal success, based on key principles articulated by Marc’s grandfather, Charlie.

It is never the wrong time to make your dreams come true­ no matter how old or how young; how rich or how poor; or where you come from. Marc Demetriou, one of America’s top mortgage experts, learned early on in life how to take con­trol of life rather than let life control him, thanks to the lessons of wisdom passed on by his grandfather, Haralambos “Charlie” Pistis, the archetypical self-made immigrant who left Cyprus as a teenager and lived the American Dream with personal success and financial fortune.

Just a little over ten years after Charlie’s death in Novem­ber 2006, Demetriou has penned a moving book, Lessons From My Grandfather; Wisdom for Success in Business and Life, to share Charlie’s 15 ageless principles for success that Demetriou feels carefully guided his grandfather’s journey to fulfilment.

“I have to share the gifts and lessons of my grandfather. I wrote the book to inspire people. I believe if they read the book and understand it, they will be able to use it to truly succeed. His story is compelling and timeless,” Demetriou says.

“Lessons From My Grandfather; Wisdom for Success in Business and Life”

The final product is a blueprint for personal and financial success, providing tools of both clarity and vision to help you recognize your unique talents and reach goals in life and busi­ness, according to Demetriou. And Charlie’s story is indeed a compelling one. He left his native Cyprus at age 16-with nothing but a bag full of dreams, courage, wit and the desire to succeed-first going to Greece and then to London. He arrived in New York City passing through Ellis Island, just weeks after the Black Tuesday Wall Street Crash.

Though this marked the beginning of the Great Depression for his new country, this also marked the beginning of Charlie’s journey toward fulfillment in his personal and pro­fessional life. As if the ailing economy was not tough enough, Charlie faced other struggles too. He didn’t have a high school educa­tion. He had no family here.

But Charlie was intent on making it and took any job he could find. He shined shoes to start, moving on to become a bus boy and eventually a waiter. Then he got a job at the Zeta Psi Club which marked a turning point for him. He eventually worked his way up to managing the club and enjoyed the opportunity to network and build working re­lationships with many business people. The Zeta Psi job led to another great opportunity as one of the managers of the West Side Tennis Club in Flushing, Queens.

Despite hardship and challenges of life, Charlie managed to beat all odds and ultimately retired at the age of 60 as a millionaire. He enjoyed an amazing 37 more years with friends and family until he passed at the age of 97.

Many friends, family, supporters, clients joined Demetriou at The Knoll Country Club West to celebrate his success with the book.

I have known Marc for many years. He is the consummate professional and one of the best networkers I have ever met. I am glad he was able to write this book to share how his Grandfather made a such a great impact on his life both personal and professional,” said Harvey Topitz.

Marc autographing a copy of “Lessons From My Grandfather; Wisdom for Success in Business and Life”  for Harvey Topix

“We can all learn from our fathers and grandfathers…if we listen. Marc has spent the time to listen, absorb and share the wisdom of his grandfather, a truly self-made man, in a way like no other. Marc’s book captures not only the optimistic, entrepreneurial spirit of Charlie and his generation, but more importantly serves as a guide to the young and old how to succeed in business and life with honor and principles,” said Brian Spector, Esq.

Frantz Pierre-Louis and Marc Demetriou

Also joining the celebration was Frantz Pierre-Louis. Frantz. Frantz Pierre-Louis played college basketball at Wagner College in Staten Island, New York and also spent time in the NBA with the Boston Celtics.

Caryl Cozin and Kathleen Alexander

Caryl Cozin said “The passion with which Marc approaches business and life was never so evident as this evening.  What a wonderful tribute to a grandfather that cultivated his enthusiasm & resulting success.”

Marc Demetriou

Marc Demetriou is a top-rated speaker at accounting and attorney seminars as well as at other financial services firms and mortgage conferences throughout the greater New York City area and beyond.

As an authority on real estate and finance, Marc has been featured in articles in The Huffington Post, The New York Times, Reuters, The National Herald, Suburban Trends, Meadowlands USA Magazine, Top Agent Magazine, and The National Mortgage Professional Magazine. 

Marc, a branch manager with Residential Home Funding Corp., is consistently ranked among the top one percent of loan originators in the country by Scotsman’s Guide, Mortgage Executive Magazine and The National Mortgage Professional Magazine.

For more information on “Lessons From My Grandfather; Wisdom for Success in Business and Life,” click here.

Soothing music during the book launch
Frantz Pierre-Louis and Josie Payoute


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Frank L. Cahill
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