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Student essay writers praise veterans

PARSIPPANY — Why Our Veterans Are America’s Heroes is the theme for this years Americanism Essay Contest sponsored by Parsippany-Troy Hills Elks Lodge 2078.

To be a eligible participants, they must be a student enrolled in fifth, sixth, seventh or eighth grade at the time of the contest.  Essay length is not to exceed 300 words. Essay must be typed or legibly printed in ink. Also, Essay must be submitted as written (or typed) by the entrant. Essay must be submitted for judging to the Elks Lodge. All participants must be identified by name, grade and school attending.

The first six place winners was awarded with a plaque and a gift card. First, Second and Third winners will be entered in national winning essays in Division I and Division II. Final winners will be announced at the Grand Lodge Session in San Antonio, TExas, July 1 to July 4, 2018.

The winners from Parsippany-Troy Hills Elks Lodge 2078 are:

First Place Winner:
Shrivathsan Sakthisundaram, Grade 5, Mt.Tabor Elementary

Why Our Veterans Are America’s Heroes

Our veterans are America’s heroes. This is due to their courage, perseverance, and bravery. When we think of heroes, we think of people with superpowers, like Superman and Spider Man, but I think of them as pure hearted defenders. Men and women who never give up and strive to keep our country safe and united. I believe veterans can be described as heroes, because they both have the same traits, and that’s why we do.

Veterans are protectors that are part of forces which protect our country. These forces include the Army, Navy, Coast guards, Air force, and Marines. They were willing to risk their lives, just so they could make us a safer country. For example, in World War I, and World War II, who defended us? Not Superman or Spiderman, but veterans, our true heroes.

A veteran is a person, just like us. We think the only time we should really honor and remember veterans is on Veterans Day, but that isn’t the case. Veterans should be remembered as much as family. We think they don’t do anything but fight in wars, but they have friends and family too. And the fact that they put their life aside just for us to be safer is remarkable,and they should get honor for that.

America is an amazing country. The reason to this is not because of America’s popularity, but because of it’s people. We are a strong nation that is safe and protected by our brave heroes, veterans. They help us stay united. They motivate us to be strong, and show us that we should never quit, and keep trying till we succeed, because veterans are America’s heroes.

Second Place Winner:
Riya Jain, Fifth grade, Littleton Elementary School

Why Our Veterans Are America’s Heroes

Veteran’s are America’s heroes because they are hard working, worthy people who risk their lives to fight for our rights and freedom. Veteran’s are people who have served or are serving in the Armed Forces. They sacrifice their family time just for our freedom. It can be heartbreaking for their loved ones when they have to leave their home for extended period of time. Anxiety builds up in their families, and they wonder about the safety of their loved one. Veterans leave their families for US, and life can be hard for them and their families.

Our courageous and brave hearted veterans fight on the battlefield with guns, cannons, and other items that would lead them to victory.These Veterans work hard on the battlefield to keep our country safe. Some Veterans end up in the hospitals because they get hurt in combat. Some Veterans might even lose their lives during fighting. It is our duty and pride to honor all of our Veterans on Veteran’s Day. Veterans give us a reason to appreciate our freedom and safety from all those nasty dangers of the world and other countries.

What really matters is that we have kind-hearted people who are willing to risk their lives for our lives and give us the things in life that are hard to get- freedom, safety, and basic human rights. I salute every single one of them! Thank you courageous, hard-working, kind-hearted, risk-taking Veterans!

Third Place Winner:
Zenia Aleesha, Fifth grade, Littleton Elementary School

Why Our Veterans Are America’s Heroes

They fought for our country. They sacrificed their lives for us. They are loyal and independent. They fought in the Revolutionary War, to help us earn our basic rights. They fought in the Civil War, to put an end to slavery and bring our state rights. They fought in the World Wars, to free the oppressed. They fought in the Persian Gulf War, a fight for democracy. And many more! All of these battles they fought in, they sacrificed our life to earn what was right, just for us. They fought for you, me, and a million others. They trained hard day and night for each and every war they fought in, so they can help us earn freedom we deserve. They kissed their families “good bye” and went off to save them, and their country. They made our flag rise high above us, so we can salute them for everything they did. Now ask yourself. Who should we thank for giving us rights? The Veterans. Who should we thank for giving us our Freedom? The Veterans. Who fought every war to save our land, our home? The Veterans. Who should we give respect to for all the things they did? The Veterans. They are America’s Heroes. They are the people who let us have the words, “The land of the Free, and the Home of the Brave”. They are Veterans.

Fourth Place Winner:
Noah Harrington, Fifth grade

Why Our Veterans Are America’s Heroes

A single act of bravery can make a hero and to me that’s what a veteran is. People in the military risk their lives just to save others, not for money, not for fame, they just do it to help this world. Even though it’s their job, all of the veterans need a great deal of bravery to go into the middle of a field where you are being shot at from every direction. If this does not make a hero than I don’t know what does. Some veterans don’t like to be called heroes but I think they have earned the right to be called a hero. These veterans have run through fields where bombs are going off and been in the enemy line of fire! Our veterans spent time away from their families to protect their country and other people’s safety. Many of these courageous souls have died in the war and don’t ever get to come back to be with their loved ones. People use the word hero often, but veterans show us the real meaning of heroes by what they do for us every day.

Fifth Place Winner:
Brooke Henne, Fifth grade

Why Our Veterans Are America’s Heroes

Do you have any family members who were in the military, and did you know that your family member is one of the thousands of America’s heroes? Veterans are so important to our nation. They fight for the U.S.A. because they want us to be safe and free.

One reason Veterans are America’s Heroes is because even though we weren’t at war they would train until they were sore and out of breath to be prepared for anything or anyone who would harm us. Even when we were at war they didn’t give up on us, they were always fighting for our country. They risked their own life· for us and sadly, some never got repaid for it. Many soldiers have lost their lives fighting for us in wars such as World War One and World War Two because they were loyal to this country. The fact that they fight and risk their life for us is one of the reasons they are our country’s heroes.

Another reason they are our heroes is because some of the more recent veterans still benefit our country today! Some do public speaking and others encourage people to join the military. For example, a veteran said at a speech, “I feel bad whenever I see a hurt little girl crying in Iraq”. This one sentence just goes to show that veterans and active soldiers care and fight to try to make things better. When he spoke publicly everyone saw that he tried to save lives.

As you can see veterans are America’s heroes in multiple ways. They fought for our country, risked their lives, trained to protect us, encourage others, and are overall loyal to the U.S.A. How do you think veterans are America’s heroes?

Sixth Place Winner:
Risha Dinesh, Fifth grade

Why Our Veterans Are America’s Heroes

A famous hero once said, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” Our veterans are the true examples, of their loyal services to the people of the United States of America.

Who are veterans? A veteran is someone who fought to get freedom, and sacrificed their lives for our country. Veterans can be any men or women who served in the Army, Navy, Airforce, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard.

”Why Our Veterans Are America’s Heroes?” Before we answer this question, let’s ask ourselves another important one. ls life worth living without freedom? The answer is absolutely not! Everyone wants freedom. If we didn’t have freedom, we would have slavery, wars, people wanting land, and States losing land. Think about it! If we didn’t have veterans, there would still be slavery, and rulers like Hitler. We should be grateful to our veterans, who have gifted us with freedom.

I believe that Our Veterans Are America’s Heroes for many reasons. First, they look after us, so that we live in freedom, peace, and harmony. They fought courageously against other countries who wanted our land, freedom,. and power. Now they fight terrorists, who want to steal our country’s pride. Secondly,they put their bodies through tough military training. They suffer injuries which are throughout their bodies.

Yet, another reason is that they join this path, knowing the commitments they’ll need to make. A veteran can be someone’s mom,dad,brother,sister,cousin,son,uncle,and aunt. These veterans have left their normal life like going to work, and coming back home, having dinner with their family, or enjoying the comforts of their home. Many veterans have sacrificed their freedom, for the freedom of others. Lastly, Our Veterans Are America’s Heroes, because they have worked really hard to make The United States of America into a land of freedom, kindness, happiness, opportunity, and dreams.

In conclusion, I believe, Our Veterans Are America’s Heroes, because to me, veterans are no ordinary people. They are exceptional symbols of bravery; patriotism and selfless sacrifice. I will always respect our veterans as America’s Greatest Heroes, with a great honor in my heart. To me, Veteran’s Day will always be, a special day as Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Black Friday, or even my Birthday! “God Bless Our Veterans and God Bless, The United States of America!”

Frank L. Cahill
Frank L. Cahill
Publisher of Parsippany Focus since 1989 and Morris Focus since 2019, both covering a wide range of events. Mr. Cahill serves as the Executive Board Member of the Parsippany Area Chamber of Commerce, President of Kiwanis Club of Tri-Town and Chairman of Parsippany-Troy Hills Economic Development Advisory Board.
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