Northvail-Rockaway Meadow Students Visit the Post Office


PARSIPPANY — Northvail and Rockaway Meadow students got a special treat this week filled with fun facts about the Postal Service and how mail is delivered. Mrs. Perrone’s second grade ESL students from Northvail School visited the Lake Hiawatha Post Office.  Mrs. Didimamoff’s first and second grade ESL students from Rockaway Meadow School also participated in the field trip.

A visit to the Parsippany Post Office

Students were given a tour led by Postmaster, Paul Wells.  At the post office, students followed letters from their point of entry into the building to their departure for delivery.

The experience showed students how the mail touches everyone’s lives everyday. Students also had fun browsing the collection of United States Postal Service’s commemorative stamps, honoring significant people, dates, historical events, and symbols in our nations’ history.   

The tour ended by having each student mail a letter to their home address, so they can witness their post office in action. They left with a better understanding of how the local post office joins the community together and brings a valuable service to its residents.