Lake Parsippany Property Owners Association Election Results

Newly Elected Officers: Nirav Patel, Vice President; Patty Ellis, Treasurer; anish Manjuria, Director District 1; Darshana Kalavadia, Director District 2; Barbara Perentin, Director District 2; Jagdish Prajapati, Director District 2; Raul Carandang, Director District 3; Mary Free, Director District 4; and Harsimran Kaur, Director District 4.

PARSIPPANY — Elections were held for the Lake Parsippany Property Owners Association on Sunday, September 12.

The new officers’ motto is: “Transparency and unity are what we will work towards this year to bring the Lake Parsippany Community together.”

2021 Election Results:
Below are the preliminary unofficial results for the election:
Vice President: Nirav Patel (Winner)
Candidate Votes Percentage
Nirav Patel 383 75.50%
Tony Suprum 121 23.90%
Treasurer: Patty Ellis (Winner)
Candidate Votes Percentage
Patty Ellis 466 97.50%
Recording Secretary: Daniel Nazzaro (Winner)
Candidate Votes Percentage
Daniel Nazzaro 254 83.30%
Chris Savino 23 7.50%
District 1 Directors: Manisha Mansura and Marilyn Ammirata (Winners)
Marilyn Ammirata 51 31.30%
Manisha Mansuria 108 66.30%
District 2 Directors: Darshana Kalavadia, Barbara Perentin, and Jagdish Prajapati (Winners)
Candidate Votes Percentage
Darshana Kalavadia 81 40.10%
Barbara Perentin 58 28.70%
Jagdish Prajapati 57 28.20%
District 3 Directors: Raul Carandang, Don Phelps and Tony Suprum (Winners)
Candidate Votes Percentage
Raul Carandang 117 47.60%
Don Phelps 45 18.30%
Tony Suprum 35 14.20%
Matthew Kilic 27 11.00%
Chris Savino 17 6.90%
District 4 Directors: Mary Free and Harsimran Kaur (Winners)
Candidate Votes Percentage
Mary Free 86 36.10%
Harsimran Kaur 84 35.30%
Debbie Savage 34 14.30%
John Scrivens 32 13.40%


Front Row: Deep Tailor, Danny Dejai, Riham Shah, Tarak Bhatt and Pulkit Desai. Back Row: Nirav Patel, Patty Ellis, Manisha Manjaria, Darshana Kalavadia, Barbara Perentin, Jagdish Prajapati, Raul Carandang, Mary Free, and Harsimran Kaur.