Fourth of July fireworks Light Up Night Sky in Parsippany


PARSIPPANY — Thanks to a generous donation of $75,000 from Onyx Equities, Parsippany was able to enjoy a spectacular 4th of July fireworks show and concert.

The weather was beautiful for this year’s Fourth of July celebration that was held at Parsippany Hills High School on Sunday, July 4.

Township fireworks as seen over Lake Parsippany

The event featured Parsippany’s hometown band Overboard. Overboard plays everything from alternative to oldies and adds their own interpretation (nothing is off limits) to every song.

Flipper, the frontman, lead vocalist, and guitarist has more energy than anyone in the room and makes sure that everyone is exhausted when the show is over.
Karl “The Admiral” Delpiano, Bass guitar, and vocals.  You never know what he’ll say or do next.  The Admiral’s low strung and ever swaying bass guitar and spot-on vocals will lull you into a false sense of security until the unexpected moment when you realize….”did he just do that?”

Larry “L.S.D.” DeRogatis, on Lead guitar. The original “Shredder”! Can play anything and definitely is a presence on stage!!

Bob Gizzi (keyboards/sax/vocals) is the virtuoso of the band. There is nothing he can’t play and whenever he touches the keys, the stage lights up!

Pete Giso (drums) The original OVERBOARD drummer from back in the day, is always there with a solid groove and his Homer Simpson impressions.

Overboard plays everything from alternative to oldies and adds their own interpretation

Thanks to all the Rainbow Lakes Volunteer Fire Company members who gave their time and expertise on this holiday and all the other Parsippany-Troy Hills Fire Companies who assisted at the Parsippany Hills High School or covered District Two (Rainbow) while they were at the event. A special shout out to Deputy Chief Douglas Reighard for a job well done serving as Incident Commander and Safety Officer.

Parsippany Rescue and Recovery Unit were also assisting with lighting and traffic units in case of any emergency.