Interview with Parsippany Football Club Player: Mahadye Paniahie

Mahadye Paniahie

PARSIPPANY — Parsippany Football Club Profiles: This month’s spotlight is on another Parsippany Local and Parsippany High Alumni: Mahadye Paniahie

1. What High School did you attend and what class?

A. Parsippany High School, Class of 2014. I only played one full year of Soccer (11th Grade).

Mahadye Paniahie

2. What college did you attend and what did you major in?

A. I went to County College of Morris and played for two years. I then went to William Paterson for one year and played football. I studied communications.

3. For what youth clubs did you play for?

A. I played for the Parsippany Soccer Club, Iron Bound, and NY Red Bulls Academy.

4. Most memorable moment as a player?

That’s difficult; I have many but that last free-kick I scored for our us (PFC) was probably one of my best free-kicks I’ve ever taken, it might be my favorite moment.

5. Your favorite player growing up?

A. Cristiano Ronaldo. Lives for big moments and when it’s time to deliver, he does, he believes in himself before others do.

6. What’s your hometown?

A. Parsippany is home for me and my family.

7. What national team would you play for if/when given the opportunity?

A. The USA. I think it would be great to play for a nation that’s building up its reputation and recognition around the world. The fact that we are a very diverse nation makes it even better because I’m Muslim, and I’m not sure if there are many Muslims on the national team yet.

8. How often did you train as a kid?

A. Not much. I didn’t play competitive soccer until 13. I played for a B team in Parsippany, then had a stint at Ironbound, and then went to NY Red Bull Academy. A whole new experience for me because I went from playing low level to the highest of levels as a youth player.

9. One thing you would tell your younger self?

A. I would tell my younger self to train and remain focused. As we get older, we don’t remain as determined & focused on our goals. And more weight lifting.

10. Favorite team?

A. None, I just enjoy sports overall.

11. Position and preferred number?

A. My natural position has been CAM and my favorite number is ten. I am a player that creates all game long.

12. Who is your biggest inspiration?

A. My Father. His work ethic, his ambition, to put his family in a better position. From leaving Afghanistan and being alone here, he never quit.

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