Former Parsippany BOE Member Gary Martin to Run for Council

Martin Vows to End Michael Soriano’s Tax-and-Spend Culture and Fiscal Mismanagement

Council Candidate Justin Musella, Mayoral Candidate Louis Valori and Council Candidate Gary Martin

PARSIPPANY — Parsippany resident and former Parsippany Board of Education Member Gary Martin has joined Team Valori in his effort to seek the Republican nomination for Parsippany-Troy Hills Township Council. Martin teams up with Lou Valori and Justin Musella who look to be the Republican nominees this June for Parsippany Mayor and Township Council respectively.

“Gary is an unshakable defender of residents and has demonstrated his loyalty to the township through his many years on the township school board,” said Republican Mayoral candidate Lou Valori.  “Gary’s candidacy and professional experience greatly strengthen our ticket heading into June’s primary.”

Martin is a forty-four-year Parsippany resident and a retired Montville Police Captain who served on the township school board for three years.  He is married and a father of a son.

“Better days are in store for Parsippany, and I plan on doing my part to help all residents and businesses regain the pride they once felt in this township. I am thrilled to be on Lou Valori’s ticket since he is a proven leader and crusader for the taxpayer. The taxpayer needs champions more than ever given the current and anticipated fiscal and operational challenges at Town Hall,” said Musella. “Revitalizing Lake Hiawatha, cleaning up our township, and ensuring respect for and efficiency with every taxpayer dollar will be key.”

“I am passionate about serving my community and my neighbors however possible.  I am excited to join Lou Valori and Justin Musella in providing Parsippany residents with a dedicated team strictly focused on making Parsippany a great and affordable place to live again,” said Martin.  “The safety of neighborhoods is under attack, community services are diminishing, housing is unaffordable with skyrocketing taxes and fees, and local government is bloated under Michael Soriano’s administration. The values of Team Valori will reverse Soriano’s destructive course.”