Letter to the editor: Pride in Parsippany?

parsippany focusDear Editor:

Not much pride in Lake Parsippany these days. That was recently showcased when residents came out to sign the petition against the mandatory easement-assessment fee.

There is a misconception out there that Lake Parsippany is a county or town park. I have never witnessed such entitlement in my life. People use the LPPOA’s property, they hang out, leave their trash, it’s a disgrace. People want to be able to use the grounds but not contribute. Enjoy the lake but let someone else foot the bill. It’s very un-American, it’s very disrespectful.

The petition was of course created by the residents who filed the lawsuit against the LPPOA. I was told, by their fearless leader two years ago, implementing the fee would be taking advantage of senior citizens and the Indian community. I disagree, it’s about preserving the lake. All the surrounding lake communities have a mandatory easement-assessment fee.

I think they are the ones taking advantage of senior citizens and the Indian community. They’re spreading false information, causing hysteria and telling people they must help pay their lawyer fees. How many little old ladies are sending them checks?

Morris county lake communities are thriving. What’s wrong with trying to revitalize Lake Parsippany? What’s wrong with having a little slice of Americana? Why is that so taboo? We have no more bakery, no more pubs, Lake Parsippany Park looks abandoned, losing the lake would be the last nail in the coffin.

I think it’s quite selfish and shameful, especially coming from the older generation that took part in the lake when it was beneficial to them. The irony is, if there was no lake, there be no “Lake Parsippany”. The community was built because of the lake.

It’s very simple, if you do not want to contribute to a lake, don’t move to a lake community. Parsippany is a big town.

The easement-assessment fee ensures that the lake is being cared for and residents get to enjoy its beauty. You would be contributing to the upkeep of the property; therefore, you get to use. It’s common sense, it’s reasonable. I am not a member of the lake, but I acknowledge that I live in Lake Parsippany. I feel the fee should be mandatory because people move to the community and treat the lake like public property, not realizing or caring, that it takes money to maintain the lake and its grounds.

I want the LPPOA to continue, I want Lake Parsippany to be cared for.

If for any reason (Lawsuit or S3661/A5043) the easement-assessment fee cannot continue, but the LPPOA manages to hold on for a few more seasons, I have a message for all the residents that signed the petition, Private Property KEEP OFF THE GRASS!

And directly to the group of residents who filed the lawsuit, there are many local charities/causes that could use your time, dedication, and money – destroying what little is left of a neighborhood isn’t one of them. Your arrogance is appalling. Do something worthwhile.

Please call the Governor’s office and ask the Governor to veto S3661/A5043, 1 609 292 6000. This bill will destroy North Jersey’s lake communities. Many people moving to New Jersey these days don’t care about our history or our open spaces and this bill will ensure they don’t have to.

Thank you,
Bridget Cazzetto