Zoopix: Where pets go to be social

ZooPix also has a social cause as part of its mission, which is to help encourage Pet Rescue/Adoptions.

Will Reilly and Finn

MORRIS COUNTY — Will Reilly, a graduate of MLHS class of 2015, dreamed of creating his own app.  His entrepreneurial and creative spirit started early, and his teachers recognized that his passions would lead him in unique directions. For the last two years he has been working on developing one of his visions, a pet social media app called ZooPix and it finally launched on June 20.  Its is currently available on the Apple App Store for free (iPhone and iPad only) and has been a great success in just a short period of time.

What makes this app special?  Unlike other platforms, ZooPix is totally designed from the ground up with animals in mind.  It is “all about the animals” with out all the political and human clutter present on Flipagram, Facebook & Instagram. Any and all types of pets are encouraged to join and depending on the type of pet you have your Apps notification sound may be a bark, meow or even chirp!  Inside your pets profile you can share interesting facts about your pet as well as express their unique personality. One standout feature to this app is the very unique and super fun weekly Pet Show.

Will wanted to make it more interactive and engaging by allowing users to enter their pets as well as rate other entrants posts. Pets can receive ratings between 1-5 stars.  Competition is stiff with so many great entries and in the end you can win and collect virtual trophies and ribbons.  The pet show has proven to be very exciting and ZooPixers love trying to collect these awards.  There is also the Zooperstar category which is the slang term for verified pets in the ZooPix community. Zooperstars consist of celebrity pets and public model pets.

ZooPix also has a social cause as part of its mission, which is to help encourage Pet Rescue/Adoptions.  So Will created what he calls the Needs Love category, where shelters can join and showcase their available pets in hopes of finding them a loving home.  And lastly pet business can also join to promote their brands or services.

You may be wondering, why did Will call it ZooPix?  When he was brainstorming for names, he wanted a name that was broad and included all different types of animals.  He also wanted a name that suggested you were a part of something bigger….something that felt like a group…and then it hit him… ZooPix had a nice ring to it and is kind of catchy.

ZooPix truly is a pet lovers community which incorporates social media, pet services, a rescue mission, and unique Pet Show all in one cool app.  ZooPixers are joining from all over the country and are really enjoying being part of this friendly like minded community they call the “Zoo”.

Please check it out, give it a try and share it with people you think might enjoy it.

Click here to download the app on iTunes.