Bucco looks forward to special hearing on NJ Transit problems

Assemblyman Anthony Bucco

MORRIS COUNTY — Assemblyman Anthony M. Bucco, who on Monday called for hearings on NJ Transit’s chronic cancelations and delays with Assemblywoman Nancy Munoz, is optimistic a joint legislative meeting on Thursday will shed light on the problems and possible solutions.

“I have just been informed by the chairman that we will be conducting a hearing next Thursday on NJ Transit and the nightmares facing commuters,” said Bucco (R-Morris). “I look forward to hearing about the causes of these problems and what the solutions might be.”

“There are some tough questions that demand answers from NJ Transit,” Bucco added. “Trains have been canceled and delayed without warning, leaving commuters stranded at stations. Until now, all we have heard from NJ Transit has been one excuse after another while problems have continued to pile up.”

“Commuters don’t know how they are going to get to work, or when they will get home. We’re going to get them some answers,” Bucco said.