Letter to the editor: A Special Thanks to Parsippany Animal Control and Police Department


Dear Editor:

On August 10, 2017 our family pet, Nerina went missing. Nerina is a very friendly black cat who was wearing two collars with a Pod attach to one of them. Before the Pod’s battery died, it indicated that Nerina was in a community off Reynolds Avenue. However, the residents in the community claimed they have not seen her in a couple days, so my daughter posted her on PawBoost.com.

Through PawBoost, Parsippany Animal Control contacted my daughter and told her they saw a Facebook post about a black cat that was found.

Apparently, an employee at a nursing home was “fostering” her. Turns out the employee gave her away to her cousin who was very reluctant to return Nerina home.

Animal Control reached out to the parties that had Nerina, but they were not willing to cooperate at first. So I had no other choice to get the police involved.

With the help from Heidi (an employee at Parsippany Animal Control) and Officer Ohlsen, Miller and Seegar, I was reunited with Nerina on Friday August 25, 2017.

We feel blessed that she is back home with her family safe and sound.

Thank You
Lisa Gangala




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