Update: Dog found on Littleton Road and Route 10

A happy ending for the dog found on Route 10 and Littleton Road


PARSIPPANY — The original story appeared on Parsippany Focus on July 9. The story was read by over 35,000 people, shared over 120 times (that we can track) and still no one came forward to claim this beautiful dog. She has been living in East Brunswick with a stay at home senior that has plenty of time to shower her with affection.

The person who brought this dog into her home said “We had no choice but to name her Sweetie, because she is such a love! She’s such a sweetie and a good companion for the new owner, who decided to keep her.”

They took her for grooming and to the vet and she is in great heath. She is not spayed and is about six years old.

The dog did have a microchip, but it was not registered. Her markings make her look sad but her tail wags nonstop. She loves playing catch and is very affectionate.

Parsippany Focus has been in touch with the new owners to make sure she was being kept and had a new home.  We are very happy with the outcome of this story.

The new owner had no choice but to name her Sweetie, because she is such a love.
This is a picture taken of “Sweetie” back on July 9 when she was found roaming around on Route 10 and Littleton Road. She now has a loving home.




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