Lake Hiawatha Swim Team Supports “Laps for Lymphoma”

Team swims nearly 1,000 laps to raise funds

PARSIPPANY — The Lake Hiawatha Swim Team dedicated its entire hour-and-a-half practice session, from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. on July 14, to swimming laps in support of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Association.

Head Coach Bryana Cielo kicked off the event by explaining the illness to the children, and letting them know that their efforts could help local kids treat and beat their disease. The team rose to the challenge and energetically crossed their home pool at the Lake Hiawatha Swim Club 942 times. Assistant Coach, Marisa Otto, kept tally of swimmers’ individual laps.
Participants ranged in age from 5 to 51. Seventeen swimmers contributed to the group effort, including one parent, an assistant coach, and a sibling, who also jumped in for the cause.

Swimmers ranked by laps accomplished were: Alex Otto (122 laps), Darien Chea (90 laps), Enzo Vazquez (80 laps), Brooke Bierals (78 laps), Breyanne Cassimore (70 laps), Connor MacMahon (66 laps), Max Massefski (60 laps), Scott Massefski (60 laps), Ian Vazquez (58 laps), Sophia Massefski (50 laps), William Delaar (46 laps), Jorge Novoa (46 laps), Carina Maroldi (40 laps), Samantha Cassimore (28 laps), Assistant Coach Megan Smith (28 laps), Victoria Massefski (16 laps) and Tori Maroldi (4 laps).

The Lake Hiawatha Swim Team supported its members by having a pizza dinner after the event.

Prior to the event, swimmers were urged to seek donations from family or friends based on the number of laps successfully completed or a flat donation. Please consider supporting the Lake Hiawatha Swim Team’s efforts to help the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society by making a tax deductible donation through this secure website by clicking here.

If the team raises $600, they have an ice cream party for their members.

About the Lake Hiawatha Swim Club
The Lake Hiawatha Swim Club is centrally located near downtown Lake Hiawatha. Membership is accepted at any time throughout the season and there are no residency requirements. Members have access to a large swimming pool, a fenced-in playground area with two professional-grade play areas, a tennis court, as well as lockers, changing rooms and showers. Avellino’s Pizza has an onsite location and serves casual food and cold beverages throughout the day. Aqua aerobics taught by an instructor are included in the membership. An onsite family campout is hosted each year. Multiple raft days are held; swimmers can enjoy playing and lounging on their choice of inflatables. Several outdoor concerts are staged throughout the summer to entertain members and guests.
The Lake Hiawatha Swim Team is open to members of the club, and is a competitive group always seeking new swimmers: participants under 8 must be able to swim the length of the pool to be eligible and all children must be 18 years or younger.