Congratulations to Parsippany High School Class of 2015

Aarin Feliz passing the gavel to Brittany Avent
Students entering the gym
Students entering the gym

PARSIPPANY — The Class of 2015 Parsippany High School graduated 230 seniors at the County College of Morris, on Thursday, June 25.

The Parsippany High School Class of 2015 are Eric Kofi Abanfo, Ahmed Hussein Abdelkader, Erick Abinader, Marline Lucie Agenor, Sohaib Ahmed, Christopher N. Aldana-Garcia, David Joseph Aloisia, Amanda Victoria Anguo, Amira M. Ashi, Jennifer Atherton, Stephanie Atherton, Andrea Nicole Atienza, Taylor Nicole Auletta, Kwame Francis Badasu, Jessica Kaur Bajwa, Alexander John Bamert, Gulseren Nazli Bayrak, Caitlyn Elizabeth Bednarz, Parth Bhagat, Brittany Ann Birth, Omar Bokhari, James William Brennan, John Camillo Bucciarelli, Tulsi S. Bulsara, Maire O’Hagan Burder, Michelle Rachel Burdick, Volodymyr Busko and Kayleigh Elizabeth Byrne.

Also Lauren Emily Calabrese, Daniel Scott Campbell, Thomas James Campbell, Alexandra B. Cancino, Brian Richard Carter, Alexis Marie Cavaluzzo, Hayden Saverio Cerrato, Amanda Jade Chan, Anna Elizabeth Chandra, Jennifer Mi Chang, Jessica Rose Chapman, Adil Chaudhri, Sarah Chen, Parth Hitesh Chokshi, Varun Chopra, Phyllis Catherine Chou, Jenna Chung, Travis Cicalese, Giancarlo Michael Colasuonno, Joshua Ashe Crawford, Jonathan Vincent Croat, Caroline Anne Curiel, Brianna Sage D’Alessio, Gabriella Rose Davino, Emily Kerstin Davis, Omari Najee Dawud, Katherine Mary DeMarco, Komal Desai, Kelly Ann Devlin, Matthew Alexander DiJesus, Jonathan James DiPippa, Gina Donabauer, Lauren Eileen Durborow, Aysegul Rabia Dursun, Emily Rose Fales, Dominic Carmello Fedele, Aarin Mathew Feliz, Sarah Elizabeth Ferguson, DeAndre’ I.Fils-Aime, Joshua Joaquim Fortes, Malik D. Francis and Nicolas Benjamin Freeman.

Also Nicolas Galvis, Heenal Gandhi, Samir Gandhi, Joseph Gatto, Emmanuel L. Gaya, Maria Isabella Glodzik, Skylar Marie Gohn, James Michael Graczyk, Nikolajs Raymond Grinvalds, Natalie Patrice Hall, Kentaro Uzuka Hansen, Kasey Alexis Hart, Najma Hassan, Peter Edward Hebberd, Jacob Ryan Helmlinger, Erin Elizabeth Hoffman, Christian Xavier Hulse-Carr, Jordan Steven Imp, Mohammad Ashraful Jaman, Marla Moushimi Jamna, Ashley Nicole Jankovic, Danielle Jannarone, Jaydin Owen Jennings, Nikhil Joseph Jiju, Brandon Noah Jones, So Young Jung, Julianna Elizabeth Kadian, Nikhil M. Kanoor, Navjot Kaur, Aleena Ahsan Kazmi, Shreya Singh Khajuria, Joseph Philip Kloss, Nikola Kociski, Zachary James Kovacs, Lukas Kvietkauskas, Viren Babu Lad, Katie Elizabeth-Lau, Linh Thi Thuy Le, Joon Lee, Taylor Rene Lewis, William Edward Leys, John Patrick Lips, Katherine Elise Lips, John Carlos Loaiza, Jennifer Claude Louis, Joshua John Lustig, Kinza Abdul Malik, Saumya Malkani, Niharika Mamillapalli, Tameem Wahid Maqsudi, Austin Michael Marchak, Andrew Scott Massefski, Brett Anthony McLean, Michael David Michalik, Kaila Rose Migliazza, Melissa Seline Mohammed, Masood Ahmed Mohayya, Amber Jade Moore and Jessica Kathleen Murray.

In addition Shyam Mehul Naik, Shreevidya Nallan, Samantha Robin Natoli, Phoebe Amber Nelson, Saarah Emine Okuyan, Kristina Marie Ollo, Jane H. Ooi, Ryan Thomas Orr, Melissa Marie Palacios, Vijaya Pandey, Alexyss Linn Panfile, Drashti Parekh, Rishi I. Parmar, Jaltej Dikesh Patel, Jayati Patel, Keshal Nilesh Patel, Kishan J. Patel, Sahil Jayesh Patel, Shalin R. Patel, Shivan Ratilal Patel, Shyam Ashvin Patel, Tej Mahesh Patel, Vijal D. Patel, David Michael Patracuolla, Zachary Anthony Pechman, Lilian Peng, Ganesh Stephen Persaud, Kaitlynn Pinero, Martin Louis A. Poblete, Nicole Anna Polak, Kefaya Amin Rabah, Mamoon Amin Rabah, Othman Amin Rabah, Gabriela Zofia Rachmaciej, Sasha Indira Ramnarine, Kevin Pravin Reshamwala, Brandon Michael Risola, D’Angelo Rivera, Brian Daniel Rodrigues, Kayla Rae Rodriguez, Matthew Eduardo Rodriguez, Jonathan Andrw Rose, Victoria Leigh Rossi, Maya Eden Rudolph and Matthew Joseph Ruggiero.

Also graduating are Valery Salinas, Rick Austin Santana, Rania Raied Sawalhi, Jenna Anne Scalzo, Brittany Ann Scannelli, Kaitlyn Harley Scarmazzo, Nicole Theresa Scarmazzo, Gloria A. Seales, Seema Nayan Shah, Ashley Marie Shandra, Veronica Marie Shaw, Henry Shen, Evan Jacob Shoshan, Maricarl V. Sibal, Asra Nasir Siddiqi, Andrew Robert Smith, Jennifer Grace Smith, Nicolette Marie Villopoto, William Cameron Snell, Ivana Srbljanovic, Elizabeth Adele Stumpf, Anthony Philip Surach, Christopher H. Tang, Kyle Ting, Emily Tom, Emily L. Tsai, Elizabeth Tu, Ronald Johnny Tudorache, Malcolm Udoh, John C. Unyuruten,Taner Adem Uygun, Timur Yusuf Uygun, Heather Lynn VanSyckel, Misbal Ann Varghese, Joanne Judith Veloz, Nicholas Adam Verillo, Marvin Duane Vivanco, Zahra Wallizadeh, Emily Weng, Joshua Wong, Samuel Wu, Christopher Yang, Pen-Hua Yang, Abraham Yaqoobi, Sarha Yaqoobi, Senem Yavuz, Antonio Remegio Ybanez, Winston Yeh, Jinchin Catherine Yuan, Cristopher Zapata, YuZhen Zhang and Joseph William Zolla.

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Senior Class President Andrew Massefski, addressed the graduating class. Andrew said “I love Par High. It’s become my home, and it always will be. Like many of my fellow graduates, I grew up in Parsippany, and I can’t thank everyone enough for all they have done for us. I wouldn’t be the same person I am today if I didn’t live in this town.  At Par High, we believe that we can be successful. We already have been with the Academic Decathlon Team qualifying for the National Championship, the wrestling team ending ranked 19th in the state, and girls’ softball team winning the state sectionals. Undoubtedly, the Class of 2015 has made a name for itself, but this is just the beginning. We will continue to push ourselves, to be the best we can be, with the lessons that Parsippany has taught us.”

Andrew continued “One of these lessons is to always be prompt and on time.  After all, it was important to get a good spot in the senior lot.  Another lesson we learned is to always come prepared with a plan.  How else could we sneak out a text in class?  We also learned to share and divide responsibilities amongst one another to get that worksheet done as fast as possible so we could hand it to the substitutes.  We also learned that the best things in life take time, just like the paninis in lunch–because Wow!  Those are some good sandwiches.”

Student Council President Andrew Massefski
Student Council President Andrew Massefski

“And despite our focus on these lessons, our teachers managed to teach us a few more, too.  These lessons aren’t always just English or Algebra, though.  They deal with real life. I learned perseverance when I didn’t get the grade I wanted on a test, but I came back for extra help and got an even better grade on the next one.  I learned self-control when someone said something I didn’t like in a debate, but I brushed it off and forgot about it.  I learned respect when I knew my teacher was more knowledgeable than I, so instead of complaining that I didn’t understand, I listened and learned” said Massefski.

Andrew continued “The thing is, though, that our experiences at Par High couldn’t be possible without great leadership, and that starts at the top.  The principals here are truly one of a kind who don’t just do what’s best for business but what is best for the kids.  Not everywhere do you find people at the top who know your name and truly care about how you’re doing.  This is something special that we have at PHS. Our students are successful and will be in the future because of the great example Dr. Mulroony, Mrs. Burek, Mr. Rizk, Dr. Francis, and Dr. Perez have shown. They’re not alone on this pursuit, though.”

“We have a great teaching staff who work tirelessly to make sure that we learn the lessons they provide for us.  Every teacher cares, and their jobs aren’t just jobs to them. Instead it’s something more, something they truly care about and take pride in because they know the cause is worthy–the cause of educating the students of Parsippany, knowing that these kids will one day be adults in the same positions they are in right now.  I am grateful to every single teacher and staff member at PHS,” said Andrew.

He ended his speech with “The true difference about Par High is the people.  We may not be graduating on our own ground today, but we have brought the spirit of Par High with us.  As we move on to be successful in achieving our next set of goals, know that we will bring what we learned at Par High with us, just as we have brought Par High here with us at CCM today.  I wish everyone the best of luck, and God bless you all.”