Hub Lakes Sports League – looking for boosters

This picture of Lake Parsippany was the feature photo used in "Discover Greater Parsippany" published by the Parsippany Area Chamber of Commerce

PARSIPPANY — Traditionally the Hub Lakes Sports League has offered a program where for $15.00 a person/family can become a “booster” and one line of custom text printed in the annual Hub Lakes Book.  In addition if you are a local business you can advertise to all 12 lakes that make up Hub Lakes.

The Hub Lakes League will no longer publish a “book” and instead will have all information available via a website.

In the past all other Hub Lakes had secured many “boosters” to help support the Hub Lakes program.  In the past Lake Parsippany Property Owners Association has not participated.

This is a fantastic way to show your support and broadcast a message out to all Hub Lakes participants.  Examples include, “Good luck this season to the PIRATE Swim Team, from the Vyskocil Family” or “We wish all Hub Lakes team’s well this season, From PaPa Joe” etc.

If you are interested in becoming a “booster” or Advertiser please email Randy Vyskocil at