Award Presented to Morris Habitat for Humanity

All Habitat Affiliates tithe 10% of unrestricted funds to fund building activities around the world; Honduras, Malawi, Eastern Europe, Armenia, etc. At the recent Habitat for Humanity 2015 Affiliate biennial conference, Morris Habitat received the Malachi 3:10 Award, which recognizes affiliates that have given a lifetime tithe that totals $500,000 or more. In New Jersey, only Morris Habitat and the Paterson affiliate have reached this milestone to date.

The theme of this conference was WeBuild2015. It was a great opportunity to share and learn with the nearly 2,500 attendees representing affiliates from around the world. With a wide assortment of workshops, speakers, and pre-conference sessions it was a terrific opportunity to get refreshed with new ideas, meet new friends, and catch up with colleagues.

The program began back in 1979 when Habitat for Humanity’s founder, Millard Fuller, received the first $200 tithe at a home dedication in Zaire. This money was used to help launch a new Habitat affiliate in Aguacatan, Guatemala.  From that one donation, the entire Habitat tithe program started. Today, the United States affiliates tithe millions of dollars each year to serve individuals and families in all corners of the globe. One hundred percent of those tithes benefit families outside of the United States.

To learn more about Morris Habitat and how you can help locally and abroad please go to or call (973) 891-1934.