Andrew Goetschkes earns rank of “Eagle”

Andrew Goetschkes

Andrew officially met all the requirement of “Eagle” on February 16, 2015.

Andrew earned 13 required merit badges to earn Eagle.

The required badges are Camping; Citizenship in the Community; Citizenship in the Nation; Citizenship in the World; Communications; Cooking; Lifesaving; Environmental Science; Family Life; First Aid; Personal Management; Personal Fitness and Swimming. He didn’t stop there.

Andrew earned the additional 12 elective merit badges. Nature; Rifle Shooting; Shotgun; Salesmanship; Pottery; Fishing; Art; Canoeing; Pioneering; Indian Lore; Railroading and Small Boat Sailing. He earned a total of 25 badges.

Andrew was the Senior Patrol Leader for one year.

He had to plan, develop and carry out a service project worthy of an Eagle Scout. Andrew mapped out and measured the trails of Volunteers Park, Lake Hiawatha, for his Eagle project. He and his team of volunteer helpers also built a wooden kiosk containing a color coded map of the trails. The distances of each color coded trail can be found in the map key. Andrew would like to thank all of the people who came out and helped him measure out the trails, paint the lines for the trails and also the building of the kiosk. Thank you for dealing with all the weather elements we had to endure.

Andrew’s brother, Thomas, is a First Class scout.

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