Alexander Bamert earns rank of “Eagle”

Alex Bamert during the "Eagle Minute." Alex is thanking all the people who helped him earn his "Eagle" award


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Alexander earned 13 required merit badges to earn Eagle.

The required badges are Camping; Citizenship in the Community; Citizenship in the Nation; Citizenship in the World; Communications; Cooking; Lifesaving; Environmental Science; Family Life; First Aid; Personal Management; Personal Fitness and Swimming. He didn’t stop there. He earned an additional 12, totalling 25. The additional 12 badges are Wood Carving; Rifle Shooting; Reading; Scholarship; Leatherwork; Metalwork; Shotgun Shoot; Fingerprinting; Fishingrail; Roading; Archery and Chemistry.

Alex was the Senior Patrol Leader for 14 months.

Alex had to plan, develop and carry out a service project worthy of an Eagle Scout. He planned to fix and refurbish all the courtyards at Parsippany High School.

His project took a total of 175 man hours to accomplish. The highlights of the projects included: planting eight Juniper bushes in the front of the school after weeding and clearing the planting box.

There were two stumps on one courtyard that cannot be removed so Alex had his troop members, family and friends build a stone ring around each of them and then planted flowers in them to make them into flower boxes.

The third main improvement and probably the one that was the hardest to pull off was the cleaning and fixing of the greenhouse. The windows took many attempts to try and get them clean. The walls needed to be patched and then painted. The sign in the front of the school also got new stones below it with better gravel to make it look nice. Besides those main upgrades all courtyards were weeded and cleaned, with mulch being put down under some trees.

This was no small undertaking. His scout mates hauled out many, many tarp loads of weeds, branches and garbage from all those areas. Alex would like to thank everyone who took time to help him on his project and all of you who donated towards his project. He would also like to thank Dr. Denis Mulroony, Principal of Parsippany High School, for letting him do his project at the high school.

Alex is a senior at Parsippany High School and his parents are Bill and Cheryl Bamert. Alex has one brother, Dan. Upon graduation in June, he is deciding between Stony Brook University on Long Island or NJIT.  He plans to major in Physics.

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