PARSIPPANY — At the monthly meeting of the Sons of Italy Lodge 2561 seven new brothers were initiated into the organization. The new members are Brian Dowd, Patrick Minutillo. Remo D’Alessandro, Charles Alfano, Chris Mazzarella, Anthony Bonavitacola and Dennis Calo.

The meeting was held at Ravellos, 138 Eagle Rock Avenue, East Hanover.

The Morris County of the Order of Sons of Italy Lodge 2561 is an affiliated member of the Order of the Sons of Italy In America Association.

The Lodge was founded as a non-profit organization which contributes thousands of dollars to worthwhile local charities and families and awards many scholarships to outstanding men and women.

The Grand Lodge of New Jersey promotes it’s Italian culture through many programs; Establishing and promoting Italian Language and culture programs in public schools; Sponsoring Italian American Awareness Day and Participating in Columbus Day Parades and Activities.

Their commission is dedicated to upholding respect for all, insuring equal concern and treatment for Italian Americans and other Ethnic groups.

The commission is the only Italian American group committed to fighting anti-defamation of Italian Americans and others. Its goals are: To promote a positive image of Italian Americans and to fight bias, bigotry and defamation which has plagued the Italian American Community for many years.

To be eligible for membership, one must have been born in Italy or be a descendant or a spouse of one of Italian lineage. Also eligible for membership is one who has been adopted by persons of Italian descent or a spouse of the adopted person.

Social membership is provided for non-Italians who believe OSIA goals and wish to participate in its programs.

If you are interested in becoming a member, contact President Joe Jannarone Jr. at (973) 264-2999 or
email by clicking here.

Officers of Sons of Italy Lodge 2561 are President: Joe Jannarone Jr.; First Vice President: Louis Amato; Treasurer Bob Iracane and Recording Secretary is Adam Gragnani.

Trustees are Jim Torsiello, Mayor Jamie Barbiero, Joe Plescia, Mike Suppa, Pat Calabrese and Dom Colasuonno.

Click here to visit their website.

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