Car parked in driveway catches fire; Lt. Lambert saves house

Firefighter Michael Ruggier walking back to the fire truck to get an axe

PARSIPPANY — The Lake Hiawatha Fire Department District 4 was dispatched to 66 North Beverwcyk Road on Thursday, January 8 at approximately 7:00 p.m. on a report of a car fire. The Lake Hiawatha Fire Chief was not able to locate the vehicle and the Fire Chief of District 5 notified dispatch that he would be checking in his area, 66 North Beverwyck Road, Parsippany. He was able to locate the house, when dispatch notified the Chief that the car was located in the rear of the house.  Fire District 5 was then dispatched to the scene.

District 5 firefighter, Lt. Michael Lambert, was responding to the firehouse and but on his way there he noticed the flames were starting to scorch the rear of the house, when he stopped and grabbed two water extinguishers but they ended up being frozen. He then quickly grabbed a dry chemical extinguisher and sprayed the house to prevent the house from catching further on fire.

Lake Hiawatha District 4 and Fire District 5 arrived at the scene and extinguished the car fire, and the paneling that was smoking on the rear of the house.

Traffic on North Beverwyck Road was being detoured by Parsippany Police Department.

Rockaway Neck First Aid Squad responded and the occupants of the house was being kept in the ambulance while fire fighters were extinguishing the car and parts of the house.

The building department responded to make sure the home was safe to be occupied and the residents were allowed back in the premises.

Detective E. Conklin determined the fire to be caused by a faulty Notebook computer battery around loose flammable papers on the rear seat.

Firefighters on the scene
Firefighter Mark Krevis was in charge of the operations of the fire hydrant and water pressure.
Firefigter carrying the ladder to the rear of the house
Firefighters working in the rear of the house