Sheriff Rochford cleared of all restraining order matters

Sheriff Edward Rochford

Guns are being returned

MORRISTOWN — Honorable Superior Court Judge Esther Suarez, Passaic County, signed an Order allowing the Passaic County Prosecutor’s Office to return Sheriff Edward Rochford’s weapons, concluding a six month ordeal.

Previously. the Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) filed against Sheriff Rochford by his estranged wife had been dismissed.

Passaic County Superior Court Judge John Selser dismissed the TRO against Sheriff Rochford based upon Diana Rochford’s request and representation that she did not feel threatened by the Sheriff. Despite the fact that the charges were dismissed, when a TRO is filed against a person in law enforcement, a lengthy procedure is necessary in order to regain the status quo.

Sheriff Rochford praises his team of attorneys, from the law firm of Einhorn, Harris, Ascher, Barbarito and Frost, P.C. Specifically Patricia M. Barbarito, Michael R. Ascher, and Matheu D. Nunn, who worked patiently and diligently within the system to uncover the truth. This team of attorneys has asserted in Court documents throughout the case that the TRO was granted based upon incomplete and misrepresented conversations and text messages by Mrs. Rochford to law enforcement personnel and to the Court thatissued the TRO.

Sheriff Rochford, a public servant, and the only elected law enforcement officer in the County, could have suffered significant professional damage as a result of this TRO which was filed based upon inaccurate facts. The Sheriff is and always has been a staunch supporter of laws protecting victims of domestic violence. “The system does need some minor changes” said the Sheriff. “The filing of a false TRO takes away the seriousness of those who are legitimate victims of domestic violence. Domestic violence is a serious crime that cannot be minimized as it often ·effects generations because the behavior often becomes cyclical” said the Sheriff. To date, the law does not provide sanctions for those who tarnish and disrupt the lives of those falsely accused of domestic violence.