Board of Adjustment approves 32 townhouses on Intervale Road

Artists rendering on the new Townhouses proposed on Intervale Road

The Parsippany-Troy Hills Board of Adjustment approved a use variance in Application #14:25 for Palmar Associates, LLC, Block 450, Lots 14, 15, 16 and 17 in an SED3/R-3 zone. The use variance is to develop site with 32 townhouse units at 16-18 Intervale Road.

Palmar will have to appear before the Board again in 2015 for a site plan approval. The property is located between Intervale Road and Route 287.

Prior to the current application the property was zoned for a 700,000 square foot warehouse.

The original plan was submitted to the Board of Adjustment on October 1 was for 36 townhouse units.
The revised plans submitted on December 10

The Chairman of the Board is Robert Iracane, and it’s members are Mr. Bernard Berkowitz, Mr. Steve Cappadona, Mr. Steve Dickens, Ms. Loretta Gragnani, Mr. Brian Kelley, Mr. George Kimmey, Mr. Jonathan Nelson and Mr. Amil Shah. The board attorney is George Johnson, Esq., and the board planner is John Chadwick, IV. The Board Engineer is Gordon Meth.