Ferring Pharmaceuticals Announces Opening of Operations Center


Michel Pettigrew

PARSIPPANY — Ferring Pharmaceuticals has expanded its footprint in Parsippany with the opening of its new U.S. Operations Center on a 25-acre lot located at 100 Interpace Parkway. Instead of relocating or outsourcing manufacturing to other states or overseas, Ferring’s new center is a sign of the company’s continued commitment to Parsippany and bringing new jobs to our community.

The facility recently completed the integration of staff into the state-of-the-art manufacturing suite and product development laboratories. The U.S. Operations Center will house 275 employees across management, administration, commercial operations, manufacturing and R&D, a set up designed to allow unique opportunities for collaboration across various operational disciplines. Ferring plans to expand that number significantly as the manufacturing facility gradually comes online over the course of the next 18 to 24 months.

“This is just the start of an exciting journey of growth to come,” said Michel Pettigrew, CEO, Ferring Holding Inc. and President of the Executive Board and Chief Operating Officer, Ferring Group. “We hope this new operations center stands as a symbol of our philosophy as a company – a place where our commitment to the science and to our patients is front and center; a learning environment where employees are encouraged to take initiative and stretch beyond their designated role; and a cornerstone of the community, dedicated to giving back.”

The facility allows the company to reinforce its commitment to New Jersey at a time when many pharmaceutical companies are making out-of-state moves. The approach is an example of Ferring’s dedication to the community it serves. Moreover, the move to stay in state provides access to experienced pharmaceutical talent and world class academic institutions. Notably, Ferring is also working with several organizations in New Jersey to offer open positions to veterans of the U.S. armed forces.

“This grand opening serves as a reminder of our commitment to the U.S., New Jersey and to our long-term view on the science that can make a real difference in the lives of the patients we serve,” said Aaron Graff, President and COO Ferring Pharmaceuticals Inc. “As I watch our teams start to integrate into the new operations center, I already see the positive impact the space has on our ability to collaborate across functions within the organization and provide a premium workspace for our employees.”