It’s a dogs life….


Oliver was adopted from a rescue group.

Soon the Holiday Season will be upon us with many families thinking about the purchase of a puppy for their children.

This is a big responsibility and one that should be thought through with much consideration. Feeding, walking, grooming, training,  and vet visits are some of the necessary tasks that are a part of owning a pet.

The new member of the family needs all the love and attention one can give. The first task before picking out a new pup should be careful consideration of the breed, not all breeds will be a perfect match for the family. One must know what they desire in a puppy and which breed will meet their family’s lifestyle.

If you wish to purchase a purebred puppy the American Kennel Club on the Internet is a perfect place to find a wealth of information about breeders and their specific breeds. Plus info about their temperament, lifespan, health issues, and if they are non-alllergenic. Also the number of mixed breed in the United States is an astounding 50 million and more than three million are euthanized each year. Adopting a puppy or adult dog from a shelter may be the right choice and a life saver for many loving dogs.

Did you know that 25% of all animals in shelters are purebreds? Be sure to stop in a  local shelter to find your new best friend. Adopting a mixed breed pet may bring the best of a variety of breeds also. You can also contact rescue groups (Forever Home Dog Rescue) for a specific breeds and choose a purebred dog of your choice. Many wonderful dogs have been adopted and given loving homes and seem to realize they have been rescued.

Dogs from Forever Home Dog Rescue receive age appropriated vetting and vaccinations, they are dewormed and receive flea and tick preventatives. Pups older than six months are spay/neutered and pups over one year also get tested for HW, Lyme and E-Cannis. Puppies under six months are adopted with a spay/neuter agreement that the adopters are responsible to have done at six months.

Once you have your new addition home keep your pet safe and protect your pet from being frightened by creating a safe place to retreat. This is where crate training is a must. The crate becomes a haven when you are not home and also an aide in the house training.

A visit to a veterinarian is necessary within the first few days of adoption or purchase to enusre that the new family member is healthy. Hopefully this information is helpful and will guide you in the future if you desire to bring a loving canine into your family.