George L. Blair – Line 6

George L. Blair

Candidate for Parsippany-Troy Hills Board of Education

Campaign website:

What community do you live in? Powder Mill Heights

How long have you lived there? 12 Years

How old are you? 73

Family information: Married, one 16 year old daughter

What is your education background? BS and Master’s Degree in Teaching; Teacher at Three High Schools and Three Universities

Why do you think you are qualified for this position? Been involved with educational systems for over forty years

Why are you running for this elected office? I believe strongly I can help School District reach its potential.

What are the three issues that most concern you? Facilities, Morale, Athletics

Explain your proposed approach to managing these issues.


Investigate and explore ways to improve the aesthetic view of all our schools
Insist that all our schools look like temples of learning (all our surrounding schools have that appearance)
Ask everyone associated with our schools to help with the appearance of our buildings.

District wide seminar on team building and morale boosting (everyone must participate).

Make sure Athletic Director and Coaches have everything they need to administer their programs.
Establishment of a school wide selection committee for the selection of coaches (to include players).

Have you held elected office before? Never held elected office before

What organizations do you belong to? Calvary Baptist Church, Morristown, New Jersey




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