Governor Codey endorses Dunec for Congress

Former Governor Richard J. Codey. Photo by Frank Cahill

Codey Praises Dunec’s Support For Medicare And Social Security

Mark Dunec announced the endorsement of former Governor of New Jersey and current State Senator, Richard J. Codey.

“I fully endorse Mark Dunec for Congress. Mark is the only candidate who will truly represent the 11th District and will work with state and local officials to bring results to New Jersey,” Codey said.

“Currently, Congress is pushing to dismantle crucial protections for millions of Americans,” he continued.  “Though seniors rely on Medicare for healthcare and Social Security for retirement income, our Congress has passed budgets to slash Medicare and Social Security funding and enact efforts to dismantle these vital programs. Our Congressman, Rodney Frelinghuysen, voted for these bills. We must ensure that Medicare and Social Security are protected to give the best possible life to generations to come.”

Governor Codey served as Governor of NJ from 2007 to 2009 following the resignation of Governor Jim McGreevey. Codey helped ban indoor smoking, and advocated for greater funding for mental health programs in private insurance plans and Medicare while in office.

“I am honored and proud to have received Governor Codey’s endorsement,” Dunec said. “I vow to protect Social Security from privatization, increase Medicare funding, eliminate the gap in Medicare prescription drug coverage, increase unemployment benefits, and ensure that all of these programs are supported without increasing the Federal deficit.”




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