Update: Business Administrator explains why Waterview application is still a go

As reported earlier,  the Township of Parsippany will be making a presentation to the Morris County Open Space Committee on Thursday, October 23 at the County Library in an attempt to purchase land as part of a settlement agreement with Whole Foods developer, RD Management.

All presentations to the Morris County Open Space Trust Fund Committee on Thursday, October 23 at the County Library will be held in closed session.  Public comment will be permitted immediately after the meeting convenes at 6:00 p.m.

EDITORS NOTE:  The following comments were written by Parsippany Business Administrator Ellen Sandman on why the township will still be proceeding with it’s Open Space presentation on Thursday, October, 23.

On Wednesday, October 15 the day after our Council Meeting at 8:48 a.m.,  I wrote an e-mail to Barbara Murray stating that I did not get authorization to modify 4B [of the Open Space Application].  So I was under the impression that without that modification we could not proceed with our application.  On Thursday, October 16 I received an e-mail from Barbara Murray [which] stated that if we were not going to proceed she needed a formal letter. I contacted the Mayor’s Office to ask about the formal letter and was advised that we would talk on Friday.  On Friday morning I decided to ask a question which I thought needed to be addressed and so I call Deena Leary, Director of Planning and Public Works and asked if we did not want to modify 4B, as it should be our right to disagree with their Special Appraiser, could we still present our application.  Deena said that this question was never asked before so she would have a conversation with the Administration at the County to give us direction before we sent out a formal letter.  The attached [letters below] clearly states that we can present and for the record we did not modify 4B.






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