Parsippany-Troy Hills Volunteer Fire Department 5 takes ALS Ice Bucket Challenge using ladder truck

District 5 Ladder Truck 653 water coming down during the ALS ice bucket challenge.

Parsippany-Troy Hills Volunteer Fire Department District 5 participated in the ALS ice bucket challenge. They challenged all other Parsippany Fire Departments to the ALS challenge within 24 hours.  The department donated $150.00 to ALS and individual members have been donating.

We researched and did not find any other Fire Departments in North Jersey participating in the ALS ice bucket challenge using a Ladder Truck.

firemanalsThe following members of District 5 participated: President Glen Peloubet; Chief Robert Campbell, Jr.; Chris Smith; Pat Calabrese; Danny Omanu, Patrick Fales, Andres Felipe Giraldo, Melissa Martin, Ray Tvepkau, Pat Lorenzo, Michael Lambert, Kenny Lambert and Terry Coletta.

President Glen Peloubet said “We are doing this because we know people affected with this disease, and the fire department wanted to get involved in the cause, and he encourages other to get involved and to donate.”

If any other fire department in Parsippany takes up District 5 on their offer, call Parsippany Focus so we can come and witness the challenge. Our number is (800) 242-4349, or email

Photos by Nicolas Limanov; Video courtesy Fire District 5.