Board of Education receives six applications to fill empty seat


Six applicants submitted a letter to Board Secretary/Business Administrator Mr. Ronald Smith indicating their interest in filling the board seat vacated by Gary Martin.

Martin submitted a letter of resignation to the Board effective June 24. (Click here for story).  The board will select one of the six applicants at its August 28 meeting, to fill the seat vacated by Martin. The candidate is appointed that evening and will begin serving immediately, until the expiration of the term on December 31.

The meeting will start at 6:30 p.m. and each candidate will have 15 minutes to address the board.

Currently, the Parsippany Board of Education members consist of Mrs. Fran Orthwein, President; Mr. Frank Neglia, Vice-President; Dr. Frank A. Calabria; Mr. James Carifi; Mr. Joseph Cistaro; Mrs. Alison Cogan; Mrs. Susy Golderer and Mr. Sharif Shamsudin.

Timothy Berrios

The six applicants are Andrew Herre, Tracey Muenier, Arnt Thuen, Samuel Varsano, Judy Mayer and Timothy Berrios.

Berrios and Meunier ran unsuccessfully in 2013. Berrios is the only candidate running in the November general election seeking a permanent seat.

Berrios ran for the Board of Education in 2013, finishing in fourth position.  He has a technical degree from the Computer Processing Institute, Paramus and has attended The College of Saint Elizabeth majoring in Information Technology with a concentration in Business Administration. He has been a Parsippany resident for 23 years.

Samuel Varsano

He is married to Kathleen for 23 years and has three children. Two of his children graduated from Parsippany High School and his 12 year old will be attending eighth grade at Central Middle School in September. He will be seeking a board seat in the November election.

Meunier has been married for 25 years and has three children. She has been the Par Hills Ice Hockey Booster Club President since 2010. All of her children attended the Parsippany School District. She ran unsuccessfully in 2013.

Varsano is a retired history teacher at Parsippany Hills High School. He served for the past 11 years, and retired in June. He has been a Parsippany resident for 35 years. He received a MBA from Fairleigh Dickinson University and a BS from Cornell University. He is currently the Executive Director of Circle of Life Children’s Center, a nonprofit located in Newark/Elizabeth

Arnt Thuen

Thuen moved to Parsippany in 1973 and is a graduate of Parsippany Hills High School in 1979. He received a BA from Rutgers University and began a career in broadcasting right out of college. He currently lives in Parsippany with his wife and daughter. His daughter is a Parsippany Hills graduate class of 2014.

Andrew Herre

Herre is currently an Assistant Principal at Ramsey High School. He is married to Suzanne and they are the parents of three children, Kara, 3; Jenna, 6, and AJ (Andrew Jr) 8.  He holds School Business Administrator and Mathematics Certification from the State of New Jersey. He graduated with a MA in Educational Leadership from Thomas Edison State College, and has a BS in Computer Science from Rowan University. He was born and raised in the Intervale section of Parsippany and now reside in the Sedgefield.

Mayer has been a Parsippany resident for the past 30 years, and all three of her children attended the Parsippany School District. She has attended many of the BOE meetings.  She has been a teacher in the district for 22 years, retiring in 2013.  Judy Mayer was also Parsippany district’s union representative.

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