Council passes resolution asking Mayor for contract for special attorney


Committee established to investigate Township Attorney, Inglesino

Mary Purzycki speaking during the public session

The Parsippany-Troy Hills Township Council held a special meeting on Tuesday, July 22.

Council members passed Resolution R2014-123, 3-0, with Councilman Michael dePierro not present, and it was stated that Councilman Brian Stanton was not present because it was determined by Parsippany’s conflicts counsel, Michael B. Lavery, that he has a conflict.

Resolution 2014:46 states the Council Committee of the Whole (Committee) has been established to investigate and inquire as to certain issues pertaining to the Township Attorney, John Inglesino.

Pursuant to Resolution 2014-47 the Committee has determined that it is in need of an attorney to provide legal guidance to it and take action as determined and directed by the Committee and has determined that Wilfredo J. Ortiz, II, Esq, of the law offices of Dario, Yacker, Suarez & Albert, LLC shall provide professional services to the Council as a Committee.

In addition, the Mayor, James Barberio, has failed to present a contract to the Council pursuant to Resolution 2014-46 and 2014-47. The resolution is requesting the Mayor to present a professional service contract to the Council within ten business days for their approval between the Township and Oritz.

Oritz will act as an attorney for the Council/Committee at the rate of $150.00 per hour.

Julia Peterson, “I compliment you on taking this action”

During the public portion of the meeting Parsippany resident Julia Peterson said, “I compliment you on taking this action, because many people in this town feel that we need to move ahead and to have some things happen, that aren’t happening. We need the agenda to happen, we need to have the agenda set by own elected officials, and not by someone that doesn’t even live in town. I hope that I am not starting trouble by saying that, but I am speaking totally as a private citizen, and I really appreciate this action.

Parsippany resident Mary Purzycki said “I’ve read about this matter in Focus, and it was done very well, because it seemed to been very documented, if this is what it is about, when you investigate, Mr. Inglesino, but I don’t know to me, I think, that sometimes to me, maybe, the investigation should go a little further because the office of the Mayor is pretty close to the lawyer usually, and if this did happen I think the investigation has to go further to find out was it instituted by… Where did it begin? The request, where did it begin? And that is the question that has to be asked? Was it an independent investigation and movement to hire someone by the lawyer independent or was it in partial with the knowledge of the administration, the mayor’s office. So, I think maybe it might have to a little larger.”

Pat Petracca stated, “I too commend you for coming through with this. Sitting through this Administration is a lot of lack of transparency. Myself personally, Mr. Inglesino violated my civil rights, my freedom of speech, and I don’t see how a Township Attorney can get away with something like that. I know when I requested information I got a lot of redactions and just figures and I don’t appreciate that either. It’s not telling me anything that I’ve been asking for. The Rachel Canning embarrassment, that was just a total embarrassment. To me he is bully, he is arrogant, he is obnoxious even to the residents when he speaks with them. He just brought Parsippany lawsuits and conflict, and I do agree with this. I do hope you go forward with this. And I do agree with Mary. It does needs to be investigated further, if you decide, whatever your decision is.”

She continued “On a second note, I heard about this special meeting, I think, Thursday or Friday last week, and I looked on the website to verify if it wasn’t there, and I called the Township Clerk, and I spoke with Janet, and asked if there is a special meeting and she said yes, I went to the website to verify and it wasn’t out there, should it be out there. She said she would tell Yancy about it. I looked all weekend, yesterday and this morning I see it out there. It’s far too late, for any body who lives by the website, which is suppose to the official helping neighbors to know what is going on. As we found out it only takes a note to Alpha Dog to get it put through. I don’t understand.”

If the Mayor fails to comply with the request of the Council, the committee authorizes Oritz to take any and all legal action in an effort to seek Court approval for the contract as stated.

Comments were requested from Mayor James Barberio and Township Attorney John Inglesino, and went unanswered.