Parsippany Fire District 5 reviews apartment fire strategies

On Sunday, July 13 members of the Parsippany District 5 Fire Department reviewed apartment fires and strategies that can be used in case of an emergency.

Members reviewed deploying a 2.5” pre-connect and either utilizing the smoothbore nozzle to connect a 1.75” line, or removing the nozzle and attaching a gated Y to utilize up to two 1.75” hand lines.

Members then reviewed each of the apartment complexes in the district for special hazards, hydrant locations, and where essential utilities are located.

The members of Parsippany District 5 Fire Department is working to keep Parsippany residents safe. Photos courtesy of Parsippany District 5 Fire Department. District 5 serves the eastern section of Parsippany.


The current commissioners of District 5 are Robert Campbell, Chairman; Kenneth Lambert, Vice Chairman; Daniel Umana, Treasurer; Matthew Palmieri, Secretary; Paul Nazario, Business Administrator and Annette Maida-Smith, Administrative Assistant.

District 5, Station 1 is located on 180 Old Bloomfield Avenue. Built in 1985, Station 1 currently houses Engine 51, Engine 52, and Ladder 5. Station 2 is located on South Beverwyck Road. Built in 2009, Station 2 currently houses Engine 54, Squad 5, BAT 5, Tanker 5, and Boat 5.

Their first quarter report (January 1-March 31), the Parsippany District 5 Fire Department responded to a total of 94 calls for service ranging from pump outs to working structure fires. Each month can be seen below for a breakdown of calls:

January: 38
February: 25
March: 31

In addition to responding to emergencies, the members participated in weekly clean ups at the firehouses and a minimum of 3+ drills a month to ensure they are always improving their skills for when they are needed. In addition to their training in NJ, 6 firefighters were sent to Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service – TEEX for a week of specialized Flammable Liquids and Foam training as part of the UASI Task Force.

To make a donation, send to: 180 Old Bloomfield Avenue, Parsippany, New Jersey 07054. Looking for ways to support your community? Experience the thrill and pride of being a firefighter. The districts are looking for dedicated members. To volunteer for District 5, call (973) 227-2242.

Parsippany has six fire departments consisting of
Fire District #1 Mount Tabor Volunteer Fire Department; serving Mount Tabor Area.
Fire District #2 Rainbow Lakes Volunteer Fire Company; serving Rainbow Lakes Area.
Fire District #3 Lake Parsippany Volunteer Fire Company; serving Lake Parsippany Area.
Fire District #4 Lake Hiawatha Fire District; serving Lake Hiawatha Area.
Fire District #5 Parsippany-Troy Hills Volunteer Fire Company; serving Eastern Parsippany.
Fire District #6 Parsippany-Troy Hills Fire Association; serving Central Parsippany.