Kovalick’s company hired to perform financial consulting services

Joseph A. Kovalcik, Jr. was Chief Financial Officer during 2013

Joseph A. Kovalcik, Jr.
Joseph A. Kovalcik, Jr. one of the principals of Epic Solutions, LLC.

The Parsippany-Troy Hills Administration requested the Township Council to approve a resolution (2014-07) authorizing and awarding a professional services agreement with a company, EPIC Solutions, LLC.

The resolution was passed 4-1, with Council Vice President Robert Peluso voting against the resolution.

EPIC Solutions, LLC., is owned wholly or partly by former Parsippany-Troy Hills Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer, Comptroller & Director of Finance, Joseph A. Kovalcik, Jr.

Parsippany Focus first learned Kovalcik was resigning on May 5, although it was adamantly denied by Mayor James Barberio’s office at the time.

Kovalcik resigned on Friday, June 20 and started with the County of Morris on Monday, June 23. Kovalcik’s company submitted a proposal to the Township Administration to provide day-by-day financial consulting services on June 24.

The resolution did not require competitive bidding because it was stated “for extraordinary unspecifiable services, including skilled financial consulting services requiring high level of experience and expertise.”

The Business Administrator, Ellen Sandman, also determined and certified in writing that the value of the services will exceed $17,500.00.

The term of the contract is for an anticipated term of six months.

The resolution also states that the Township wishes to retain EPIC Solutions as a financial consultant to provide day-by-day financial consulting services as directed by the municipality’s Chief Financial Officer.  Ellen Sandman, the newly appointed Business Administrator, was named temporary acting Director of Finance, Treasurer and Comptroller, and as Acting Chief Financial Officer beginning on Saturday, June 21 until the appointment and qualification of a successor.

Kovalcik first started in Parsippany in September 2013. Kovalcik’s base salary, in the Tentative 2014 Budget was listed as $147,900.00 including the annual proposed increase. His base salary for 2013 was $145,000.00.

The resolution did not specify how many hours the consultant will be working in Parsippany, nor at what rate the consultant will be paid.

When Parsippany Focus asked Leslie Miller, an employee in the Township Clerk’s Office, for a copy of the “Professional Services Agreement” with Epic Solutions, LLC., as stated in the resolution, she said it hasn’t been signed by the Administration (meaning Mayor James Barberio) and given to the Clerk’s Office yet.  That could take up to 30 days.

Under the OPRA act, Section C.47:1A-5 states “Times during which records may be inspected, examined, copied; access; copy fees. (e)Immediate access ordinarily shall be granted to budgets, bills, vouchers, contracts, including collective negotiations agreements and individual employment contracts, and public employee salary and overtime information.”

Parsippany Focus will continue to request copies of the agreement.