Paul Miller Porsche moving showroom next Spring


The Paul Miller Porsche dealership located at 250 Route 46 will be moving to a 29,000 square foot building to be constructed on the property of the former Loman Ford, located at 3419 Route 46.

The dealer which currently occupies approximately 7,500 square foot at current location will be able to hold 16 cars in the new show room up from the current five. The new building is expected to be completed next Spring.

The Loman property is currently being investigated for environmental issues and clean up is in progress on the site. The area is covered with dirt at the present.

The sign shows the future Paul Miller Porsche architects views.
The dirt covering the environmental investigation cleanup, caused by Loman Ford
The dirt covering the environmental investigation cleanup, caused by Loman Ford
The sign on the property indicating there is an environmental investigation – cleanup in progress on the site formerly occupied by Loman Ford