Wifflemania raises $2,000 for local chartities


The winners!
The teams were warming up early in the morning.
Greg Magnotta, Tim McKenna and Fred Amato. Tim travelled from Denver Colorado to play in the Wifflemania XXX.
There were many tents with families enjoying the weather and watching the games
32 teams compete in the 30th annual Wifflemania at Manor Park in Parsippany.
The teams raised $2,000 to donate to three local charities.

The 30th Annual Charity Wiffleball Tournament  was held on Saturday, June 21 at Manor Park. This year the event earned $2,000 and will be donated to Valerie Fund, Muscular Dystrophy and Parsippany Food Pantry. There were some phenomenal games, with upsets, incredible defensive plays and new young teams getting much better, challenging for bracket titles.

Congratulations to Greg Cleary, Jeff Cleary and Vinnie Marchese from Two ‘N Out for capturing their 4th Wifflemania Title as they win back to back championships in front of a record crowd of 83 fans.

After losing their first game of the day, they went on to win EIGHT straight games taking home all the hardware….with the exception of the “2nd Place” plaque. That went to Ballbusters as Two N’ Out defeated them 9-2 in the finals.

Two N’ Out pitcher, Greg Cleary was named MVP as he tossed five shutouts and was his teams most consistent hitter all day. Cleary becomes only the 5th wiffler in 30 years to win multiple MVP awards with his 2nd.

Vinnie “Veal” Marchese captured the HR Title for the 2nd consecutive year, smashing 6 bombs.

Final Four results:

AL: Ballbusters 3 – Kahunas 0

NL: Two ‘N Out 5 – New Era 0

This year’s  tournament was another huge success with the best turnout they’ve had in five years. This years donations totaled $2,000 and will go to Valerie Fund, Muscular Dystrophy and Parsippany Food Pantry.

Official Wifflemania XXX Records:
Two N’ Out   8-1
Ballbusters   4-1
Big Kahunas 4-1
New Era       4-1
Bangers       3-2
Wifflebros    3-2
Home Plate Bullies 3-2
All Day         3-2
Balls Deep   3-2
Blasted Plastic 3-2
Misfits          3-2
Perforated Punishers  2-2
Brick City Bruins 2-2
Gardenhosers 2-2
War Pigs  2-2
Billy Batts 2-2
Toll Trolls 1-2
Wiff This 1-2
Saturday Night Fever 1-2
Multiple Scorgasms 1-2
Mudhens 1-2
Boobi’s Bombers 1-2
Euraldix 1-2
Strictly Professional 1-2
Ballbags 0-2
Squids 0-2
Team Destiny 0-2
Strictly Business 0-2
Hitmen Hart 0-2
Morris County Madmen 0-2
Bad News Beers 0-2
Barnyard Bombers 0-2