Letter to the editor: Frivolous Lawsuit; Why Compromise?

No Compromise is Required in Waterview Scenario

Dear Editor:

Reliable information has it our Township Attorney along with some council members are supporting a compromise with RD developer, rather than maintaining the goal of Open Space for the Landscape.

This surely amounts to a sell-out of the citizens and the movement that has resisted the unwanted and unnecessary development of this land. RD frivolous and nasty lawsuit has no ground to stand on. Why then is a compromise in the making?

The following unsound reasoning and fictions are being used to justify this sell out. None of them should hold any water. Here they are:

1. The Township needs tax retable’s because the economic situation and the present tax system which allow those with the most wealth to pay less tax; thereby creating a crisis in funding Municipal Government; austerity caused by the same people who contribute not their fair share.

2. If Waterview is not developed as RD intends; a shopping mall; then public housing will replace it anyway. This is being used as a ploy to justify a sweetheart compromise with RD and allowing our Open Space Tax Funds to be spent unwisely, settling for less than half a loaf. The alleged 9-million would be spent for a buffer of 150 feet between the mall and the immediate neighborhood homes; ignoring the entire contour, slope and geology of the actual landscape itself. This will cause erosion, promote addition flooding and add pollution to the storm water runoff effecting Troy Brook, Whippany River.

Parsippany most likely will not have any additional Low Income Housing Obligations and the State cannot simply force a municipality to build such housing without strategic criteria being in place; close proximity to work and mass transportation. One bus route runs out on Route 46. Many jobs available would not support a living wage of any standard, thus perpetuating no advance in social order or benefit. Even if RD built the unnecessary additional shopping mall, this would not relieve Parsippany from a Low Income Housing Mandate; so we would have in addition to more developed land for no good cause; short term work; for substandard jobs and obligation under law to construct additional Low Income Housing; highly unlikely that RD’s mall would save us from COAH obligations.

The Parsippany Planning Board speaks of Balance when they imagine the Master Plan again in revision. There is no balance any longer and a compromise with RD could only be considered a sell out and betrayal to the community’s quality of life and the environment that will suffer long term accumulative impacts. Highest Best Use in the case of the Waterview land would be the following:

1. Aquifer ground water recharge.

2. Bio-diversity in its saving grace of trees and habitat remaining along the upper reaches of Troy Brook

3. Foremost it is a landscape that enhances a traditional old Parsippany neighborhood of beautiful homes and remaining natural beauty. It is a Threshold to a living place.

This property mentioned in a Rutgers Study in relation to Troy Brook and Whippany River was addressed as needed to maintain against loss of biodiversity. An economy must serve man, not man the economy. We must consider how any development may impact the biosphere or ecology of any living system. A compromise with RD is not required. It will surely result in the loss of the quality of life here and in the hereafter for no good cause or reason. Legislatures must think beyond money for before money there was and is life, and the commons.

Cannot help to feel Township Attorney John Inglesino is making this compromise for selfish and political reasons having to do not with Parsippany but his relations with the Governor and receiving funding from a Large Corporate developer to stimulate an uneconomic economy that serves no one. Apparently no lessons were learned or no apparent recognition and mutual respect has been gained toward the citizens of this Township by the Town Officials.

Waterview must become Open Space, not a buffer zone, for another shopping mall in an area littered with empty developed properties. NO COMPROMISE! The future must bring a new concept of Highest Best Use Principals centered in recognition of natural resource assets inherit in landscapes that are already working for us by protecting water and providing air by their tree and plant life. Balance would be a moratorium on all new Land development; allowing only redevelopment where required for needed infrastructure and housing.

Nick Homyak
Lake Hiawatha, NJ 07034