Letter to the editor: Thanks to Michael dePierro

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lettersDear Editor:

Thanks to Michael dePierro.

Concerning Sierra Club/Highlands Education, May 27, Parsippany Library.

Councilman Michael dePierro;

Glad to see you and delighted you were there at the presentation concerning the Pilgrim pipeline to voice your actions by Parsippany to oppose this unnecessary corporate proposal, to extend the use and exploitation of the earth for fossil fuel sources, only to prolong the use of renewable energies and further damage the planets fragile ecologies. Fragile because of man produced stress for an economic system that no longer serves the Nation, Humanity or Life itself in any Healthy form of well-being for future generations.

May it be also hoped that Parsippany will do as much as possible within reason to defend its land and water by the highest standards of Best Management Practices in Land Use regulations and water protections. These Standards have been established by law and consent of science, reason and morality, and are reflected and made known in the NJ Highlands regional Master Plan. They can be had either by direct conformance or mutual recognition of their benefits. The latter instills legal protections under State Constitutional Mandates and prevents legal actions by private corporate entities.

Keep this in mind and Thank You Michael.

Nick Homyak
Lake Hiawatha, NJ 07034