PHS presents Anti-Drunk Driving Assembly

The dramatization of a car accident from drunk driving on the stage at Parsippany High School

Parsippany High School presented the Fifth Annual anti-drunk driving assembly program to the seniors, in the school’s auditorium on Friday, May 23, warning the students about drinking and driving especially during Prom season.

Seniors Brian Lanigan and Jasmine Chen were two of the students in the presentation that were fatalities at the scene, where their families came to the scene to see the worst. Parsippany Rescue and Recovery cut the roof off the vehicle and had to rescue bodies from inside the vehicle.

After the dramatization was over, Senior Tavneet Singh said “Don’t drink and drive, you’ll be damaging the life of millions.”

Tyler Smith started the program in 2010 and they have added to it each year.  The program gives the students involved complete ownership of the video and allows them to be as creative as possible.

The students are selected in January and they start putting all the pieces together to create the dramatization.

In addition, the TV production curriculum is infused into the program with the assistance of Jeff Coviello,  PHS’s TV Production Teacher and Video On The Go Coordinator.

A special thank you to James Groome, Applied Tech Teacher.  His Autos class demos the vehicle and removes the gas tank. Steve Gilgur, Science Teacher and Sound and Lighting Coordinator helps orchestrates the production. The students involved in the production are: Lionel Chambers (Paralyzed);  Jasmine Chen (Dies);  Kelly Carmona (Arrested); Brian Lanigan (Dies) and Evan Shoshan (Camera and Editing Director). Parents participating were Pamela Chen, Eliana Carmona and Peter and Barbara Lanigan. Parsippany Police Department: Bob Lenahan; Parsippany EMS CAR 66: Tyler Smith and Parsippany Rescue Recovery Car 69.

Brian Lanigan laying on a stretcher, during the dramatization of a car accident
Jasmine Chen being removed from the scene of a drunk driving car accident during the dramatization at Parsippany High School
Seniors Tavneet Singh and Joseph Randazzo watching the dramatization of the crash scene
The volunteers of the Parsippany Rescue and Recovery, Parsippany Police Department and volunteers of Rockaway Neck Volunteer Squad acted out rescuing the students from the crash scene at Parsippany High School.

Video-On-The-Go filmed the event, and you can watch by clicking here.