Lowering Medical Costs Utilizing Free Market Principles

Daniel Goldberg, President

Free Market Health Group Creates Competition Among Physicians 

Despite the intention of the Affordable Care Act to insure more Americans, it has done little in the way of lowering the cost of medical care in America. Even the newly insured are shocked by the costs of everything from immunizations to surgery. Secondarily, many of the newly insured are finding fewer physicians who accept State and Federal Exchange plans as a result of the shrinking reimbursement they receive for services performed.

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While most Americans are aware that medical costs are out of control, they are still unaware of what their care should cost. States like North Carolina and New York have taken steps in the right direction by mandating hospitals publish prices for medical procedures in an effort to give patients some semblance of the costs they may incur. Now, the Free Market Health Group has taken transparency a step further and is using it to create free market competition among physicians and hospitals, thereby lowering medical costs across the country. This competition allows patients and employers the ability to shop for medical services based on price and quality for the first time.

About Transparency and The Free Market

The Free Market Health Group serves as outspoken proponents of transparent medical pricing as well as consultants for medical providers interested in transitioning to a more transparent form of medicine. Recently, there has been a burgeoning trend among physicians to remove the insurance bureaucracy from their practices and instead offer transparent global fees for procedures to the uninsured, those with high deductible plans and employers. The goal is to leverage the desire of these physicians to remove the insurance based element of their practices and use it to drive down the cost of medical care through free market competition. This also forces the most notorious over-chargers, hospital systems, to compete if they wish to remain viable.

About Direct Contracting

The Free Market Health Group connects employers who provide self-funded employee health benefits to physicians across the country who are offering preset global fees for service under a direct contracting model. This model eliminates the intermediaries that drive up the cost of healthcare and allows employers to only pay for employee health services when they are needed. The fees for services under the direct contracting model are often 5 to 10 times less than under insurance based agreements thus saving employers thousands on employee medical care. These reduced fees are a result of physicians being able to control overhead costs as well as eliminating the need to set their prices based on insurance network agreements.

About Free Market Health Group

Founded by Daniel Goldberg, The Free Market Health Group emerges at a time in America where the cost of medical services has become one of our biggest crisis. A central focus will be educating patients and employers that insurance based healthcare is not their only option and that a growing free market exists in medicine. The Free Market Health Group will also function as a resource that represents patients, employers and physicians under the umbrella of an independent free market health system that gives the individual control over their healthcare, not the government or a third party.