Canning’s parents claim Parsippany Town Attorney provided alcohol to minors

Jaime Ingelsino pours a drink while her mom, Amy Ingelsino, watches.

One of the most talked-about lawsuits in America right now is 18-year-old Rachel Canning’s attempt to legally force her parents to pay for her college tuition.

On Tuesday, March 4, Hon. Peter Bogaard, a  Superior Court Judge in Morristown, threw out the “Order to Show Cause” but promised to revisit it on April 22, 2014.

On October  29, 2013, just three days before her 18th birthday, (she was born on November 1, 1995) after her parents said they would no longer support her financially if she didn’t break up with her boyfriend, Lucas Kitzmiller and follow their rules.

When Rachel Canning, a Morris Catholic High School senior, couldn’t get along with her parents, she left and moved in with the family of, Amy and John Ingelsino, whose daughter, Jaime is her best friend,

The Ingelsino’s reside in a 4,342 square feet home in Rockaway Township with a value of over $830,000 according to the website Trulia.

Amy and John Ingelsino with Governor Chris Christie during a holiday party on December 17, 2011 at Drumthwacket, the official residence of the governor of New Jersey. The mansion is located at 354 Stockton Street in Princeton. John has been friends with Christie for a long time. From Amy Ingelsino’s Facebook page.

, from Amy’s Facebook page.

Instead, she went to court to force her parents to pay her child support, her private school tuition, medical and related bills, college expenses and legal fees.

Inglesino was in court during the hearing, as was his 18-year old daughter, Jaime.

He is currently paying Rachel’s legal fees: $12,597 to date, which he will seek to recover from Canning’s parents.

Named one of the Top 100 “powerful people” in New Jersey by Politicker NJ for 2013, and he was also recently named in the “Power 100” list by NJBIZ.

Inglesino is an ally and financial contributor to Governor Chris Christie, and between 1996 and 2002 he served as mayor of Rockaway Township and on the town’s council before that. He served as a Morris County Freeholder from 2001 to 2007.

Inglesino helped found the Morris County Improvement Authority and is a member of the board of the New Jersey Public Broadcast Authority.

During Christie’s 2009 gubernatorial campaign, Inglesino served as counsel to Christie’s campaign contribution board.

During the campaign, Inglesino and his wife, Amy, both made the maximum $3,400 contribution. During his time on the trail for Christie, Inglesino was paid $325.00 per hour according to published reports.

Amy and John Inglesino, from Amy’s Facebook page.

Appointed by the governor to the state’s Education Funding Task Force, he currently serves as Township Attorney for  Township of Parsippany-Troy Hills, the Morristown Planning Board Attorney and Florham Park Planning Board, as well as special counsel to Lopatcong and Rahway. On Monday, Janaury 6, the Township Council of Little Falls  rejected Mayor Darlene Post’s appointment of Inglesino, by a vote of 4-1, with Councilman Joseph Maceri voting in favor of Post’s pick.

Since moving to her multimillionaire lawyer caretaker’s house, the ‘spoiled teen’ is said to have been drinking up a storm, all with the abetted accord of her hosts Amy and John Inglesino.

According to documents filed in court, Rachel Canning’s parents, Sean and Elizabeth, contend that the Inglesino family is very liberal when it comes alcohol. Sean Canning, the former police chief of Lincoln Park, says his daughter, then 15, got plastered on vodka during a sleepover at the Inglesino house. When he picked her up the next morning, to take her to play in a basketball game, his daughter was so hung over she had to vomit into a garbage can.

Sean and Elizabeth Canning hold Lucas Kitzmiller, Rachel Canning boyfriend responsible for their daughter’s errant ways along with him getting her suspended from school for underage drinking as well as the ensuing rift between them and their daughter.
Rachael Canning posing on her Facebook page.

Nancy Klein, posted on Lauren Ingelsino’s Face Book Page “Your dad should MYOB and stay out of Rachel’s family affairs. Looks as though your dad is in this for the $$. Very sad.” Katie Sasso stated “#richkidproblems…how long can i mooch off mommy and daddy.” Of the 74 comments on Lauren’s Facebook page most of them were negative and against Rachael and/or John Ingelsino.

Even if there are deeper issues here than ordinary teen rebellion, Inglesino should not have stuck his nose into the family’s business.

The Cannings are in distress, there’s no question about that. They need to find a way through it without the lawyers and social media frenzy. They need help, not courtroom drama.

When Honorable Peter A. Bogaard revisits the matter on April 22 he will review his order which states “For a plenary hearing to address issues relating to child support, high school tuition, and college tuition expenses.

In her photos during the hearing she appears to not have one scintilla of remorse, sadness, fear – she looks like she feels very arrogantly superior. She knows she is hurting her parents and it is her “gotcha”. She is enjoying every minute of it. (Her wearing her Catholic high school uniform in court is so contrived and staged. They are trying to conjure up the image of a little elementary schooler with saddle shoes.)

(Unfortunately as young as she is, she thinks people are doing this for her because they “care”. Don’t believe for a moment anyone here, other than the parents, are without their own, personal, motivations. And they aren’t about her.)

Sean Canning, a retired Lincoln Park police chief,  said he and his wife cannot bear to see Rachel being “savaged” in the court of public opinion and want her home. He has said that a college tuition fund in her name will be there for her.

The latest Facebook page, Education for Rachel, it is unsure who is the author of this new page. At least one post uses the pronoun “I” so that it appears to have been written by Rachel. That comment asserts that Rachel’s parents should pay for college. But others use the pronoun “We” so that the author is unclear. A reader commented “Educating about the facts of LIFE, Rachel, you are 18, they no longer owe you anything. You are an adult now,” said Amy Yeip.

In an unrelated matter with Attorney John Ingelsino: Parsippany-Troy Hills Township Council demands Mayor James Barberio to remove Township Attorney for ethic violations, for complete story click here.

The next Parsippany-Troy Hills Council meeting will be held on Tuesday, March 11 at 7:30 p.m.  The drama continues.

The latest Facebook page, “Money for education, that’s all”