Par-Troy General Election Candidates, Vote – Tuesday, November 5

This Tuesday, November 5, is general election day, when voters of Parsippany-Troy Hills Township will be asked to choose their mayor and township council representatives, as well as board of education members

James R. Barberio, Republican incumbent for mayor, is being challenged by Councilman Jonathan Nelson, Democrat.

On the ballot for two, four-year terms on the township council are: Democrats Robert Keller and Mihir Oza; Republicans Robert J. Peluso and Louis A. Valori; and Independent Robert Crawford.

Eight residents are interested in the three, three-year seats available on the board of education. They are: Alison Cogan, Joseph Cistaro, Fran Orthwein, Timothy P. Berrios, George L. Blair, Jonathan Hemenway, Dennis Kadian and Tracey Meunier. The only  incumbent is Fran Orthwein.

For two years of one unexpired term on the board of education, voters can choose Frank Neglia or Anthony T. DeIntinis, the incumbent.

Parsippany Focus has given an opportunity to all candidates to respond to some general questions about themselves and issues in the Township of Parsippany-Troy Hills.

Click on the below link to view the response from candidates that answered the questionnaire.  If the name of a candidate appears, without a link, they have not answered the questions as of now.  Please check back later for updates on candidates. If you are a candidate and did not answer the questions, you can obtain a copy by clicking here.

Parsippany Focus will email the final link to each responding candidate on Monday, November 4 to our mailing list of approximate 5,000 Parsippany area residents. Make sure you are on our mailing list by signing up (the sign up box appears on the home page of Parsippany Focus, on the right side near the top of the page) Click here for polling locations, or click here to visit state website of polling locations.

Candidates for Mayor (4-year term, expiring 12/31/17)

Republican – Mayor James Barberio

Democrat – Councilman Jonathan Nelson

Candidates for Township Council (4-year term, expiring 12/31/17) (two seats available)

Republican – Robert Peluso

Republican – Louis Valori

Democrat – J. Robert “Bob” Keller

Democrat – Mihir Oza

Independent – Bob Crawford

Candidates for Board of Education (3-year term, expiring 12/31/16) (three seats available)

Joseph Cistaro

Timothy Berrios

Jonathan Hemenway

Alison Cogan

George Blair

Fran Orthwein

Denis Kadian

Tracy Meunier

Candidates for Board of Education (2-year term, expiring 12/31/15) (one seat available)

Frank Neglia

Anthony T Deintinis